"New helper" for life in the digital age (visiting new types of work ③)

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  It's cold lying in the bed and don't want to go out to eat?

I ordered a meal on my mobile phone, and the takeaway boy brought delicious food to be served quickly; the heating at home is not hot, don’t know how to solve it?

Let the community grid members reflect first; how can the shopping experience in chain stores be more comfortable?

Chain operation managers racked their brains to launch new products and services...

  This reporter interviewed a group of new occupations related to "food, lodging, travel, shopping and entertainment" in daily life. The sense of gain, happiness, and security in your life are all related to their efforts.

Community grid member Zhu Xiaoping——

"Gege" received a letter of praise

  "Mom, I haven't accompany you to your'turf' for a long time. Is that grandma Fan still playing the electronic piano? Is the grandpa Xiong who loves drinking and telling stories the same as before?" A recent Saturday , 14-year-old Qiu Yuhan followed his mother Zhu Xiaoping on the "One Day Double Tour" of "Gege".

  "Gege" is a nickname given to the profession of community grid member by residents.

In 2012, Yidu City, Hubei Province started the community grid management work, dividing the community into small areas, each area is equipped with grid staff, and strive to "do everything" and make public services without blind spots.

In November of that year, 39-year-old Zhu Xiaoping joined the first batch of community grid members in Yidu City and began to serve the fourth grid of Baziqiao Community in Lucheng Street.

  It has been more than 8 years since becoming "Gege". Now, even Zhu Xiaoping's daughter is very familiar with many residents in the grid.

But recalling the situation when he first started, Zhu Xiaoping said bluntly: “In the beginning, many residents and friends didn't know what the community grid members were doing. Even though we went with our work permits, they didn't believe it. Things like "closed doors" happened from time to time. "

  Information collection, one-day double patrols, service agency, mediation of conflicts and disputes, theoretical and policy propaganda, etc. are all "qualified" work.

The first thing that Zhu Xiaoping enters the job is to enter the information of residents in the grid into the "Community E-pass" system.

"Community E-pass" is a software platform distributed to grid members to provide technical support for grid services. It has more than 20 functional sections such as resident information, service agency, and urban management reporting. It is the foundation of community information management .

Zhu Xiaoping used it to inspect, verify, report, and deal with public facilities, city appearance, environment, and social management issues.

  Zhu Xiaoping's grid governs 2 old communities and a concentrated private residential area. There are a total of 340 households with more than 700 residents. Every household must visit.

Residents went to work during the day and were not at home, so Zhu Xiaoping had to enter the home at the wrong time. He picked up his daughter at 4:30 every afternoon after school and took her to the home to collect information.

Zhu Xiaoping was not discouraged when he was not at home, not opening the door, or not cooperating. She and her daughter cheered each other up and completed all the information collection in less than 2 months.

From unfamiliarity to familiarity, from avoidance to closeness, "Gege" used their footsteps to narrow the distance with the residents, and exchanged their trust with their services.

  Grandma Fan, whom her daughter often talks about, is an elderly person living alone in Zhu Xiaoping's grid.

Granny Fan, who lives in Yidu Foreign Language Community, is 65 years old and doesn't like to communicate with others.

At the beginning, the old man always ignored Zhu Xiaoping's visit.

How to gain the trust of Granny Fan made Zhu Xiaoping very worried.

  Later, Zhu Xiaoping observed that Grandma Fan occasionally played musical instruments such as the electronic organ and tried to let her daughter learn from Grandma Fan.

Unexpectedly, this "reach up" and this "grandma Fan" made the distance between each other closer, and the knots were untied.

Now, as long as Granny Fan encounters a problem, Zhu Xiaoping must be the first thing she thinks of.

  "Xiao Zhu helped me download the beauty camera, download the square dance video, and take selfies with me. My pursuit of new things is not lost to young people." Nowadays, Grandma Fan's old life is very colorful.

Like Granny Fan, if other residents have anything to do, they will think of the "know-how" of the grid member.

"It's right to find Xiao Zhu!"

  On May 3, 2019, the Baziqiao community received a letter of commendation from the daughter of Granny Li who works outside the grid, and a pennant that reads "Thanks to your hard work, and works for the people."

Prior to this, a severe rainstorm caused serious water accumulation in the house of Granny Li, who lives on the 1st floor of Unit 2, Unit 2 of the Agricultural Machinery Complex, and his furniture, clothing, and shoes drifted everywhere.

Finding the reason, it turned out that there was a drain outside the wall of the neighboring foreign language school, and the rainwater drained directly into the courtyard from there, causing the water to accumulate in Granny Li's house.

The daughter who was far away was very anxious when she heard the news, but was unable to help. Granny Li approached Zhu Xiaoping, hoping that the community could coordinate the school to resolve the matter.

  Zhu Xiaoping calmed the elderly while reporting to the community as soon as possible.

Later, with many efforts, the Foreign Language School diverted the drainage pipes in the school, and before the rainy season came, it resolved the concerns of all the residents on the first floor of the agricultural machinery community.

"It's raining no longer to worry about being flooded. I sincerely thank the community and our Zhu'Gege'!" Granny Li said with satisfaction.

  A thank-you letter from a distant place carries the residents' affirmation of the grid staff's work.

Zhu Xiaoping said: "I love this profession more and more! Although the work is trivial and messy, the residents and friends warmly greet me when I enter the community. Some grandparents treat me like a daughter, which makes me very moved and gratified. We must continue to serve everyone well."

Online courier You Guodong——

"Little Pan" treasures a bottle of Coke

  "Be later, I have an order now." The interview with the takeaway brother You Guodong was quite troublesome.

I asked him several times that You Guodong was either delivering orders or taking orders.

  At 9:30 every morning, You Guodong will go to the site for a morning meeting, wear a work uniform and helmet, and disinfect the distribution box inside and outside. The stationmaster will check the sanitation situation, announce the work data of the previous day, and remind safety and precautions.

At 10 o'clock, he wants to complete the system's "start-up verification"-brushing his face in front of the camera, blinking, verifying that he is himself and then starting to run the order.

Lunch and dinner are the peak time for take-out orders. More than 60% of the workload in a day is completed within this time period. You Guodong is too busy to even have time to eat.

In other time periods, there are also many orders for afternoon tea and medicine.

In his own words: "In our business, one meal a day is the norm. You can just find a small shop on the side of the road for rice or noodles."

  You Guodong is a member of the new generation of laborers in China-Takeaway Brothers. He works as a Meituan rider at a station in Wangjing, Beijing.

In February 2020, "online delivery personnel" was officially included in the national occupational classification catalog, and millions of "you Guodong" have clear professional names.

However, You Guodong also has a nickname-"Little Fei Xia", because he has excellent driving skills and rides "fast" when delivering orders.

  "Meituan Waimai has sent you a new order, please check it." This is the sentence You Guodong is most familiar with.

It can be said that without the mobile Internet, there would be no online delivery.

He showed reporters that on the rider’s app, the system must click “receive” after dispatching the order, click “report to store” after arriving at the store, and click “I have picked up” after receiving the goods, and then complete the order. Click "I have delivered".

Along the way, location-based services go hand in hand.

  The distribution platform uses machine learning, operations optimization, scheduling simulation and other technologies to develop an intelligent scheduling system that can track the direction and current location of the delivery staff in real time, combined with the real-time waybill situation, and distribute and optimize orders in the most efficient way calculated by the system.

When he first started working, You Guodong often rushed to the delivery address when he got the goods, and forgot to click the pickup button. As a result, because the positioning had changed, he had to fold back to the store and add a "I have picked up".

Otherwise, the system will identify it as "false delivery" and impose fines on the delivery staff.

  On-time delivery and bad reviews are the two assessment factors that Midstream Guodong cares about most.

He calculated an account for the reporter, and took about 30 orders a day, and nearly 1,000 orders a month.

"There are many communities and doorways, so we can only run more and get more familiar. Some have to be sent upstairs, sometimes when we encounter a red light, we feel very guilty that it is too late."

  Once, You Guodong delivered an order to a customer for 20 minutes late. It was the hottest time in summer. He climbed to the 6th floor in one breath, sweating out of anxiety.

After knocking on the door, the customer not only didn't blame him, but also handed him a bottle of Coke.

"I was dumbfounded at the time. I didn't know whether to pick up or not. The customer said it was for me and told me that it was hard work. I was touched and broken!" You Guodong said. He has been reluctant to drink the bottle of Coke. He has collected it since summer. In winter, until a buddy said, "Why don't you drink Coke? Don't let it expire." He unscrewed the lid and drank it.

After that, You Guodong kept this kindness in his heart.

  Such warmth is not uncommon.

You Guodong also has a habit of saying "Happy Holidays" to customers during holidays.

In recent years, the professional recognition of online delivery personnel has gradually increased.

At the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2019, online delivery personnel, as a separate professional group, appeared in the parade of the "good life" square.

  According to the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, with the in-depth development of "Internet +", it is expected that the employment scale of online delivery personnel will exceed 10 million, the income level will further increase, the career development prospects will be broader, and the group of online delivery personnel will welcome Come to a better life.

Some time ago, You Guodong was envious when he saw a piece of news that a courier, a parent-in-law, etc. could also appraise job titles.

He thought: "I will comment on one at any time!"

  "Although it has been a little hard work, we have more work, free time, and good income, so young people have always joined. For our site, more than 40 riders have been added in a year." You Guodong firmly believes that happiness is done. .

Sometimes, when it rains to deliver food, the customer asks You Guodong: "Ride slowly and pay attention to safety!" "Little Pan" smiled and responded mischievously: "There are orders. I can't slow down, thank you!"

  Feng Yaguang, chain management manager——

  The store manager walks more than 20,000 steps a day

  At lunch, the Hema Xiansheng store in Shilibao, Beijing became lively.

In the northern winter, many people come to the store to taste new hot pot products.

Spring water lamb, coconut chicken, lamb scorpion... A variety of pot bottoms, ready-to-eat side dishes, customers feast on.

In order to launch this new product, the store manager Feng Yaguang did not worry less.

  "The'hot pot season' will be launched in winter, but how to do it is designed and implemented in the store." Feng Yaguang said that in October 2019, Hema hot pot was launched.

Prior to this, he had been thinking: What is the difference between Hema Hot Pot and other stores?

Hema is a fresh supermarket with fresh seafood as its starting point. In order to create this feature, Feng Yaguang presents fresh seafood in the hot pot area in the form of temporary storage tanks, and purchases special utensils to present customers with a vivid vision , Also arrange on-site cleaning.

  "We have realized the whole process of visualization of the ingredients from the tank to the pot, and created a scene where fresh seafood is cooked and cooked. This scene has been praised by the company's leaders and has now been promoted to more stores." When it comes to this, Manager Feng is not without pride.

  In fact, Mr. Feng's profession has a professional name-chain operation manager.

Statistics from the Ministry of Commerce in 2019 show that the number of chain stores across the country reached more than 20 million, with approximately 61.13 million employees, accounting for 7.4% of the country's total employment.

Among them, chain operation managers mainly refer to store managers, regional managers, and a small number of managers who work at the headquarters and are responsible for store operations.

In February 2020, "chain management manager" was officially included in the national occupational classification catalog, and more than 10 million chain retail management practitioners clarified their occupations.

  "I have worked with Manager Feng for more than 3 years and I rarely see him sitting still in the office." A colleague said during the interview.

Sure enough, the reporter saw Feng Yaguang's cell phone record that he walked more than 20,000 steps a day.

  After arriving at the store at 8:30 in the morning, Feng Yaguang first had to check the fullness of the store's display, the adequacy of stocking in the backyard, and the appearance of attendants.

Then Feng Yaguang used to check whether the performance indicators of the previous day were achieved and where they could be improved.

At noon, he will focus on the catering sector to see whether the food at each stall is smooth and whether the service can meet customer needs.

In the afternoon, Feng Yaguang will estimate whether the inventory is sufficient based on the sales data in the morning. If it is not enough, contact the supplier for direct distribution, and check whether the key products on the Hema APP have been highlighted offline, and keep the online and offline recommendations consistent. Sex.

During peak online order hours, Feng Yaguang must always pay attention to the performance of the contract. If the front-court picking speed cannot keep up, he has to organize a temporary assault team to assist.

  Every day, the store manager’s focus is as much as the planning and execution of the project, the setting of the store’s movement line, and the provision of deodorizing spray for customers who have finished hot pot, adding lemonade, barley tea and other varieties to the free tea... In the store with an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, Feng Yaguang's footsteps traveled all over the corner.

  Different from a single store, as the manager of chain stores, Feng Yaguang must consider the deployment of goods and personnel among different stores.

For example, in different stores close to office buildings and living quarters, it is necessary to stagger the distribution peaks and dispatch the dispatchers at more points in order to improve the service level and the store's dispatch ability, and help the dispatchers earn more income.

  Creativity is also the ability that chain operation managers must possess.

No, just after finishing the "hot pot season", Feng Yaguang devoted himself to the project to welcome the new year.

For each project, the headquarters only controls the overall direction. The store managers share their experiences, propose specific methods, and communicate them to the store staff to ensure that they are implemented in the store.

  "Because Hema is a new retail format that integrates supermarkets, e-commerce, catering and logistics. The store manager must not only have leadership, judgment, and creativity, but also learn marketing, online operations, supply chain, etc. "Knowledge." Feng Yaguang cites that when customers in traditional stores experience rain and snow, fewer customers need to reduce the order quantity of vegetable products, but Feng Yaguang has to consider that it is not convenient for customers to go out, and more orders will be placed online. We must increase the order quantity of vegetables.

  Feng Yaguang told reporters that there are more than a dozen positions in the store, including picking, distribution, marketing, and customer service. The store manager rotates one job a week before starting the job, and spends two to three months to accumulate experience.

"It can be said that we can do everything the employees in the store can do!" Feng Yaguang believes that the store manager is the soul of the store and determines the direction of the store. He must understand both operation and management.

At the same time, the store manager uploads and releases, acting as a bridge between the company and the store staff, forming cohesion and centripetal force.

  “The company provides a wealth of training for store managers, including organizational culture, team building, leadership courses, etc. Although there are constant challenges, people can grow up quickly.” Feng Yaguang said, “The state incorporates chain management managers into new professions, which is a great opportunity for the industry. The selection and training of talents have clarified the direction, and we will definitely have better development in the future."