Kospi has crossed the 2,900 line for the first time in history and is heading for 3,000.

From the first day of the new year's opening, individual investors, so-called'Donghak ants', swept stocks and attached wings to stock prices.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo on the report.


On the first day of the New Year's stock market opening in 2021, the KOSPI index crossed the 2,900 line for the first time ever.

Individual investors, so-called'Donghak ants', took over the stock of 700 billion won sold by institutions and foreign investors, leading the bull market.

Individual investors net bought over 1 trillion won until the end of the year, and the KOSPI closed at a record high of 2,944.45.

Although the market was opened an hour late due to the opening ceremony, the trading value of the securities market exceeded KRW 24.7 trillion, raising the maximum.

Major securities companies have raised their forecasts this year to more than 3,000.

[Roh Dong-gil / Senior Researcher at NH Securities: With the low interest rate continuing and the relaxed monetary policy being maintained, the money seems to be flowing toward assets that can be easily invested because there is nowhere to go.]

But the aftermath of Corona 19 There are also concerns that too much money is being concentrated in the financial market amid the sluggish real economy such as production, employment, and consumption.

[Young-moo Cho/LG Economic Research Institute Research Fellow: If the released money is directed to a specific asset, the bubble is formed and then rapidly collapsed, it is likely to occur much more frequently than in the past.]

Nevertheless, the market is indicative of an index. It is an atmosphere that has already made the 3,000 breakthrough.