A Korean court is proceeding with the procedure for seizure of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' assets due to the issue of "recruitment" during the Pacific War, while the company will ask the Korean court to suspend the procedure by the 3rd. Immediate appeal "was made.

Regarding the issue of "recruitment" during the Pacific War, in November 2018, the South Korean Supreme Court complained to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a defendant, that he was forced to work hard as a "women's working corps". I handed down a judgment ordering compensation for.

Furthermore, in response to the plaintiff's petition, the court issued a decision permitting Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to seize the assets owned in South Korea, and it was deemed that the decision and other documents had arrived at the company at the end of last year.

The objects of foreclosure are trademark rights and patent rights owned by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in South Korea, and according to the company, an "immediate appeal" was filed with a Korean court to suspend the procedure by the 3rd. is.

Regarding this issue, the Japanese government has called on the Korean government to correct the situation of violation of international law, saying that it has been resolved based on the 1965 Japan-Korea Claims Agreement.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has not responded to compensation, saying, "I understand that the Japan-Korea Claims Agreement has" completely and finally settled "and I can no longer make any claims."