China-Singapore Jingwei Client, January 3, according to the "China Film Box Office" APP of the National Film Specialty Office, as of 17:29 on January 3, the 2021 New Year's Day file (January 1-3) movie box office has been Over 1.2 billion, over 30 million people watched the movie.

Among them, the box office on New Year's Day exceeded 600 million, setting a new record in movie history for the same period.

  Source: "China Movie Box Office" APP

  During the New Year's Day of 2021, large tracts gathered.

"Send You A Little Red Flower" and "Warm Hug" will be released at the same time on December 31, 2020. Up to now, "Send You A Little Red Flower" and "Warm Hug" are the first and second place in the box office on New Year's Day. Since its release, the cumulative box office has exceeded 700 million and 500 million respectively.

Among them, the box office of the two films in the three days of New Year's Day holiday totaled nearly 800 million, accounting for about 70% of the box office of New Year's Day stalls.

  "Send You A Little Red Flower" is directed by Han Yan, starring Yi Qianqianxi and Liu Haocun, and starring Zhu Yuanyuan and Gao Yalin. The film revolves around two groups of anti-cancer families and tells a warm and realistic story. Thinking and confronting the human life problems that every ordinary person will face.

  Image source: "Movie Warm Hug" "Movie Gives You a Little Red Flower" Weibo

  Up to now, "Send You A Little Red Flower" has scores of 7.6, 9.4 and 9.3 on Douban, Maoyan, and Taopiao respectively.

  "A Warm Hug" is directed by Chang Yuan, starring Chang Yuan, Li Qin, Shen Teng, and Qiao Shan.

The film is adapted from the Korean film "Planning Boy", conveying the theme of "love can heal everything".

  It is worth noting that in the past 2020, the total box office of Chinese mainland movies was 20.417 billion yuan, becoming the world's first.

The box office of domestic movies was 17.093 billion yuan, accounting for 83.72% of the total box office.

Faced with the impact of the epidemic, the Chinese film market has taken the lead in recovering and continuing to pick up among the major global film markets, with major industry indicators ranking among the best.

(Zhongxin Jingwei APP)