The first hours after Brexit there was little disruption to traffic to and from the United Kingdom.

In the night from Thursday to Friday, almost two hundred trucks were transported "without problems" through the Channel Tunnel.

Tunnel operator Getlink reports this.

Schiphol also reports that there were few problems with the first flights to the UK.

Due to the British departure from the European Union, it is no longer possible to travel freely between the EU and the UK since Friday.

However, the additional customs controls at the airport did not cause any delays.

In the morning there were flights to London, Manchester and Newcastle.

These flights departed on time, according to the Schiphol site.

A spokesperson confirmed there were no problems.

Quiet in the port of Rotterdam

In the port of Rotterdam it will be quiet on Friday with regard to traffic to the UK.

Only two ferry departures are scheduled on New Year's Day.

Earlier this week, the Port of Rotterdam Authority announced that it expected few problems on the first day of the new year.

Ferry traffic between Rotterdam and the UK is also limited on weekends.

Customs also thinks there will be little or no nuisance on Friday, a spokesman reports.

Only after the weekend, when the weather is busier, customs will take delay into account.

Trucks leave the first ferry to arrive in Dover after Brexit.

Trucks leave the first ferry to arrive in Dover after Brexit.

Photo: ANP

Customs formalities did not lead to delays at Channel Tunnel

At the Channel Tunnel, there were no significant congestion during the New Year's night and morning.

This allowed trucks to continue on their way without any problems.

As a result of Brexit, logistics companies have to go through customs formalities again.

According to Getlink, all trucks met the new requirements and no vehicles were refused.

British and European companies had previously warned of chaos at the border due to the heavy paperwork.

This would threaten to interrupt a smooth trade flow of nearly EUR 1 trillion annually.

A few hours before the new rules came into effect, the Getlink director announced that the risk of chaos is small.

According to him, some adjustments will be needed in the coming days and weeks.

About 70 percent of the trade between the UK and the EU goes through the French ports of Calais and Dunkirk.

On average, 60,000 people and 12,000 trucks pass through these ports every day.