Chinanews Client Beijing, December 31 (Zhang Xu) According to the National Development and Reform Commission, at 24:00 on December 31, gasoline will be increased by RMB 90 per ton and diesel by RMB 85 per ton.

This means that the adjustment of oil prices in 2020 will end with a "four consecutive rises".

  According to the agency, the price adjustment is equivalent to a price increase of 89 yuan per liter for gasoline, 0.07 yuan per liter for 92 gasoline, and 0.07 yuan per liter for 0 diesel.

Based on an ordinary private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L, after this price adjustment, car owners will spend about 3.5 yuan more to fill a tank of fuel.

Data map: A private car owner is refueling at a gas station in Taiyuan, Shanxi.

Photo by Wei Liang issued by China News Agency

  During the current pricing cycle, international crude oil maintained a volatile upward trend.

The restrictions caused by the mutation of the new crown virus in the United Kingdom have caused market concerns and investors are worried about oil demand. However, the United States adopted a new fiscal stimulus plan and the United Kingdom and the European Union reached a post-Brexit trade agreement, boosting market sentiment.

In addition, boosted by the reduction in US crude, gasoline and distillate inventories, international oil prices have risen again.

  According to Xu Wenwen, a refined oil analyst at Longzhong Information, after this round of price adjustments, the price of diesel fuel in most parts of the country is around 5.9-6 yuan/liter, and the retail price of 92 gasoline is limited at 5.9-6.1 yuan/liter.

  "Calculated on the basis of an ordinary private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L, after this price adjustment, car owners will spend about 3.5 yuan more to fill up a tank of fuel; and for a large logistics transport vehicle with a full load of 50 tons, it will travel an average of 1,000 kilometers. Fuel costs increased by about 28 yuan. This price adjustment will increase the cost for private car owners and logistics companies." Xu Wenwen said.

  Longzhong Information analyst Li Yan introduced that this price adjustment is the 25th price adjustment in 2020 and the last price adjustment in 2020.

After this price adjustment, the price adjustment of refined oil products in 2020 will show a pattern of "eight ups, five downs, and 12 strandeds", and will end with "four consecutive increases".

The cumulative decline of gasoline this year is RMB 1295/ton, and that of diesel is RMB 1,250/ton.

Overview of the previous price adjustments of refined oil products in 2020.

Picture from Longzhong Information

  In 2021, the first price adjustment window for domestic oil prices will be opened at 24:00 on January 15, 2020.

Looking ahead, Zhuo Chuang Information believes that Russia is willing to increase production steadily. With the new crown vaccine successively vaccinated, the market is optimistic that crude oil demand may recover. Considering that the market is relatively cautious under the intertwining of long and short, the international crude oil market may enter Oscillation period.

  Li Yan believes that at present, the promotion of vaccination in Europe and the United States and the low dollar operation have brought benefits, but the severity of overseas epidemics has increased unabated. There is also certain uncertainty in the OPEC+ production reduction policy, and there is still a game of long and short. , It is expected that the next round of refined oil price adjustments will likely be stranded. (Finish)