Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, December 30th (Xiong Jiali) The 2021 Spring Festival Transport Festival is about to kick off!

According to the railway pre-sale period arrangement, today (30th), the first day of the Spring Festival travel train tickets are officially on sale.

are you ready?

Important time points to keep in mind

  According to the holiday arrangement, the Spring Festival holiday in 2021 will be from February 11 (New Year's Eve) to 17 (the sixth day).

The Spring Festival Transport in 2021 will start on January 28 and end on March 8, for a total of 40 days.

  According to the regulations on the sale of train tickets 30 days in advance through the Internet and telephone bookings, from today (30th), passengers can purchase train tickets for the first day of the Spring Festival travel season (January 28, 2021) through the Internet and telephone.

The train tickets for February 4 (the lunar new year) will go on sale on January 6, 2021; the train tickets for February 10 (the 29th lunar month) will go on sale on January 12; February 11 ( New Year's Eve) train tickets will go on sale on January 13.

  For the return journey, the train tickets for February 16, 2021 (the fifth day of the first month) will go on sale on January 18; the train tickets for February 17 (the sixth day of the first month) will go on sale on January 19; in addition, the Lantern Festival Train tickets for the festival (February 26) will go on sale on January 28.

  There are five main ways to purchase tickets, including: dial 95105105 (departure area code must be dialed for bookings outside of the country), log on to the China Railway 12306 website (, log on to the 12306 mobile app, and the ticket window of the railway station , Railway ticket sales agents and automatic ticket vending machines at railway stations.

  It is worth noting that the online starting time of train tickets for different railway stations is different.

Take Beijing as an example: sales start at 8 am at Beijing West Railway Station, at 10 am at Beijing Railway Station, at 12 noon at Beijing North Railway Station, at 12:30 at Beijing South Railway Station, and at 4 pm at Qinghe Station.

So everyone remember to book an alarm clock in advance according to the train station you are leaving, so as not to miss the time to grab tickets.

Data map: Beijing South Railway Station.

Photo by Xiong Jiali of Sino-Singapore Jingwei

National railways are expected to send more than 400 million passengers

  It is learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. that during the Spring Festival of 2021, the national railways are expected to send 407 million passengers, an average of 10.18 million passengers per day.

According to the person in charge of the Transportation Department of the National Railway Group, the railway department will implement a train operation chart for the Spring Festival transport in 2021, and arrange plans to arrange about 5,000 passenger trains, an increase of 4.5% year-on-year.

Hehang, He'an, Yinxi, Zhengtai, Beijing-Shenzhen, Lianzhen, Yantong, Wei-Lai High-speed Railway and Beijing-Xiong Intercity, as well as Shanghai-Sutong, Fuping, Dalin, Geku, Afuzhun Railway, etc. A large number of new railway lines are put into operation.

The number of national railway EMUs will reach 3,800 standard groups, and the proportion of passengers sent by EMUs will account for more than 65% of the total number of passengers sent.

  The person in charge also said that the ticketing service time of the railway 12306 website will be extended from 6:00 to 23:30 every day to 5:00 to 23:30 every day.

Synchronize the 12306 website and offline window change rules, online can also change other train tickets before 24:00 on the day of travel.

The processing time for online refunds has been optimized to 24 hours a day, and the deadline for refunds has been adjusted from 25 minutes before departure to before departure at the station.

  The above-mentioned person in charge also mentioned the need to expand the scope and range of fare discounts.

Extend the range of discounts from temporary passenger trains, “reverse” trains with unpopular routes or directions, to “forward” trains with certain designated passenger trains, popular routes, or directions. A total of 241 trains are covered during the Spring Festival, including 131 before the holiday. There are 110 trips after the festival; general-speed passenger trains are expanded from the original minimum discount of 55% for each seat category to a minimum of 20% for hard seats, and a minimum of 50% for soft and hard sleepers. EMU trains are extended from the original maximum discount of 20% to the lowest 5.5% off.

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail implements floating fares

  On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail launched a floating fare, with a difference of 100 yuan between second-class seat fares.

On December 29, the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client inquired on the 12306 website and found that the day before the Spring Festival travel season (January 27), the highest ticket price for the second-class seat of the whole train from Beijing South Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station was adjusted to 598 yuan, and the lowest ticket price was adjusted. Adjusted to 498 yuan, but the second-class train with 498 yuan currently only has two trips of G151 and G153.

Screenshot source: 12306 website

  The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway implements a floating fare mechanism. According to the adjustment plan, the maximum second-class fare for the whole train from Beijing South Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station is adjusted to 598 yuan, an increase of 8%; the minimum implemented fare is adjusted to 498 yuan, a decrease 10%; The highest executive fare for the commercial seat of the whole train is adjusted to 1998 yuan, and the lowest executive fare is 1748 yuan.

  In addition, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail has also launched a "silent car" service.

Starting from December 24, the railway department will pilot "silent car" services on some trains of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail and Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail.

When passengers purchase tickets for designated trains of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway and Chengdu-Chongqing High-speed Railway through the railway 12306 website, mobile app, automatic ticket vending machine and other channels, they can voluntarily choose to purchase "Silent Cars" tickets according to the system prompts. The "Silent Cars" are located in Car 3 ( Second-class car).

  It is worth noting that passengers riding in the "silent car" must comply with the "silent" agreement, that is: keep quiet in the "silent car"; wear earphones or turn off the sound source function when using various electronic devices; adjust the phone to Silent or vibrating state; leave the "silent car" when making calls or talking to each other; passengers traveling with children take care of their children and avoid making noise.

  It is understood that the specific train times for setting up "silent cars" are: Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, G9, G12, G13, G16, G17, G22; Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed rail G8601, G8606, G8609, G8616, G8619, G8626, G8627, G8632, G8635 times.

Data map.

Photo by Xiong Jiali of Sino-Singapore Jingwei

What if I didn't grab the ticket?

Flight tickets are cheaper than high-speed rail

  What should I do if I did not grab a high-speed rail ticket?

It doesn’t matter. On the 29th, the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client found through a third-party ticketing platform that on the first day of the Spring Festival, the price of air tickets from Beijing to multiple cities (all excluding fuel costs for machine construction) was more affordable than that of high-speed rail, and individual flights were only 30% of the high-speed rail fare. about.

  Price comparison of some Beijing-Shenzhen high-speed rail and air tickets.

Source: Third-party ticketing platform

  The price of Beijing-Shenzhen KN5855 flight is 329 yuan, the price of CA1307 flight is 480 yuan, and the price of HU7703, MU6669, HU7707 and other three flights is 500 yuan. In addition, there are 28 flights with prices between 530 yuan and 900 yuan.

The second-class high-speed rail between the two places costs 944.5 yuan. It can be seen that the price of some flights from Beijing to Shenzhen is only about 30% of the second-class high-speed rail price between the two places.

  Part of Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail, air ticket price comparison.

Source: Third-party ticketing platform

  The ticket price of Beijing-Guangzhou CA8181, CA4458 flight is only 480 yuan, while the price of the second-class high-speed rail between the two places is 862 yuan, the price of these two flights is nearly half cheaper than the second-class high-speed rail price.

In addition, the price of 4 flights including MU5181, CZ3116, CZ3114, MU6629 is 550 yuan, and the price of another 38 flights is between 600 yuan and 850 yuan.

  Partial Beijing-Chongqing high-speed rail and air ticket price comparison.

Source: Third-party ticketing platform

  The price of Beijing-Chongqing 3U8819 and 3U8830 flights is 500 yuan, the price of CA8187 flight is 550 yuan, and the price of CZ3183, CZ2702, CZ8813, CZ5685 and other 4 flights is 620 yuan. In addition, there are 9 flights that cost 624-790 yuan. Both are cheaper than the second-class high-speed rail fare between the two places at 792 yuan.

  Local epidemics have recently appeared in many places. How to ensure the health and safety of travel during the Spring Festival?

Wu Zunyou, chief expert of epidemiology at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, put forward five suggestions: one is to reduce the flow, plan the itinerary during the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, reduce unnecessary travel, and encourage the staggered peak to return to work during the Spring Festival; It is necessary to take personal protection during the journey, to observe order when taking airplanes and trains, to wear masks throughout the journey, to adhere to hand hygiene, and to minimize the number of meals on these public transportation vehicles; third, to reduce gatherings during the festival , To reduce unnecessary gathering activities as much as possible.

The fourth is to adhere to normalized prevention and control, adhere to various personal protective measures, and always maintain the awareness of preventing and controlling new coronary pneumonia.

Fifth, once symptoms such as cough and fever occur, you must seek medical attention in time.

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