Chinanews Client Beijing, December 31 (Zhang Xu) On December 31, a new round of domestic refined oil price adjustment window will be opened again.

According to agency forecasts, oil prices will usher in four consecutive increases. Based on a 50-liter fuel tank of a typical private car, it will cost about 4 yuan to fill a tank of fuel.

The picture shows the gas station staff at work.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Dongming

  In December, international oil prices maintained a volatile upward trend.

In the mid-to-early period, many countries began to introduce the new crown vaccine, and OPEC+ reached a follow-up agreement to reduce production, which continued to ferment the optimism of the crude oil market. Multiple good news boosted the international oil price rebound to hit a high since March.

  But then, the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) lowered their forecasts for global oil demand, which suppressed the optimism of the market.

At the same time, the surge in global new crown cases has led European and American countries to implement blockade measures again. The market is worried that this will affect the recovery of energy demand, the rise of international oil prices has slowed, and the overall market remains high and volatile.

  Zhuo Chuang Information estimates that as of the ninth working day on December 29, the domestic oil price referenced crude oil change rate was 3.02%, corresponding to an increase of 90 yuan/ton for gasoline and diesel. There is only one working day left before the price adjustment window. The current oil price increase has been It is a high probability event, but the scope may continue to narrow, which will not cause greater cost pressure on private car owners to travel.

  If the oil price adjustment is implemented, it will be the first four consecutive rises this year.

After the price adjustment, the domestic oil price adjustment in 2020 will become "eight up, five down, and 12 stranded."

  Longzhong Information analyst Li Yan told reporters that from a retail perspective, the current gasoline prices of No. 92 and No. 95 at Sinopec gas stations in Shandong are 5.86 yuan per liter and 6.28 yuan per liter, respectively. The current round of retail price increases may be 0.07. Around RMB/liter, private car owners can fill up their fuel tanks before this Friday.

  Looking ahead, Li Yan said that the next round of price adjustment window will be opened at 24:00 on January 15, 2021. The international crude oil market is still plagued by overseas epidemics in the near future. It is expected that the next round of price adjustments for domestic refined oil products is likely to be lowered.

  Zhuo Chuang Information analysis believes that Russia is willing to increase production steadily. With the continuous vaccination, the market is optimistic that the demand for crude oil may recover. Considering that the market is relatively cautious under the intertwining of long and short, the international crude oil market may enter a shock cycle.