China News Service, December 24th. In response to the question of "What is the current development of 5G in China and what is the focus of China's 5G development during the 14th Five-Year Plan", Wen Ku, spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Director of the Information and Communication Development Department, introduced on the 24 This year, about 580,000 5G base stations were added; January-November domestic market 5G mobile phone shipments were 144 million units, and a total of 199 new models of mobile phones on the market, accounting for about half of all mobile phones; 5G terminal connection The number has exceeded 200 million.

In the next step, we will continue to steadily advance relevant work and further promote the realization of a good ecosystem of construction, application and development of 5G.

Data map: 5G.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

  According to Wenku, first, network construction is advancing steadily.

Approximately 580,000 5G base stations were added this year, and 330,000 5G base stations were jointly built and shared. The goal we set at the beginning of the year was that all cities have 5G coverage, which was also achieved.

  Second, the terminal aspect.

From January to November, domestic market shipments of 5G mobile phones were 144 million, and a total of 199 new models of mobile phones on the market accounted for about half of all mobile phones, one was 51.4% and the other was 47.7%.

  Third, the number of users is growing very fast.

The number of 5G terminal connections has exceeded 200 million.

  Fourth, the application aspect.

Beginning in 2018, we have continuously organized the "Bloom Cup" 5G application competition every year.

The third competition this year collected more than 4,000 5G application cases reported by everyone.

There were only more than 300 in the first year, so it is still developing very fast.

These projects have demonstrated unexpected and very useful effects in hot areas such as smart manufacturing, medical care, and energy. For example, this year’s first prize projects involve application models in multiple scenarios such as mines, ports, and manufacturing, and they are relatively clear. It used to be groping for how to use it. Now it’s clear and can be copied to other industries.

From this point of view, with joint efforts, the process of application landing will accelerate.

  "The construction of 5G is to lay the foundation for applications. The ultimate goal of 5G is how to make good use of 5G. In the next step, we will resolutely implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session, continue to steadily advance relevant work, and further promote the construction, application, and application of 5G. Well-developed and good ecology." Wen Ku said.

  First, we must build well.

It is necessary to coordinate the deployment, promote the construction of information infrastructure, and follow the principle of moderate advancement to solidly promote the construction of 5G networks. On the basis of the 5G network reaching a certain scale, move from large-scale construction and extensive coverage to on-demand construction and in-depth coverage. Scenario needs to create a high-quality 5G network.

With the rapid development of networks and terminals, data centers must keep up.

Data centers must not only build computer rooms to improve electricity and transmission, but also improve the level of applications and services. In the application of cloud service cargo software, Internet companies and operating companies need to increase their efforts in this regard, and they must provide the world The advanced level is in line.

  In the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work with relevant departments to further optimize the layout of data center construction, improve the level of application development, and gradually improve application types, cloud service capabilities, application depth and software richness, and strongly support the needs of 5G and the digital development of various industries. .

  Second, apply it well.

Unlike 4G, the world faces unprecedented challenges in 5G applications. At the same time, 5G applications also have wider application spaces and fields.

5G provides a good foundation for applications in various industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and medical care.

In the promotion and application of 5G in all walks of life, in addition to meeting the differentiated needs of the industry, telecom operators also have to do a lot of work.

For example, in terms of network architecture, business management, network operation and maintenance, etc., adaptive adjustments should be made according to new application scenarios, making the enterprise network using 5G simpler, easier to use, and easier to operate.

  Telecom companies, Internet companies, various vertical industry application companies, as well as integrated development companies and solution providers that can promote 5G. These companies must deepen collaboration, especially to give full play to the catalytic role of 5G solution providers , To promote the collaboration of all parties, jointly promote the integrated development of 5G and the real economy of manufacturing, energy, transportation, agriculture and other fields, and accelerate the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of traditional industries.

  Third, develop well.

It is necessary to strengthen technological innovation, continue to advance 5G technology research and development trials, accelerate the maturity of technical products such as network slicing, edge computing, chip modules, and instrumentation, enhance the basic support capabilities of the industry, increase millimeter wave trials, and promote the maturity of millimeter wave products.

Accelerate the mature application of the R16 standard, and at the same time promote the continuous evolution of the subsequent R17 and R18 standards.

In addition, we must look forward to the future and carry out 6G vision research to promote the sustainable development of the mobile communications industry.

  "Finally, I hope that various local governments have a comprehensive and reasonable expectation for the development of 5G. They should not only focus on the goal of network construction, but also work harder on 5G applications. They should also combine local economic and industrial development. Develop, further strengthen the summary, promotion, exploration and innovation of 5G applications, and form a benign development model of'promoting usage by construction and construction by usage'.” Wen Ku said.