Friendly Economy Today (24th) is also with reporter Kim Hye-min.

Reporter Kim I've been talking a lot about Apple cars these days, but did Apple decide to make electric cars too?


Yes, I would like to inform you about the Apple Car, which is a great issue these days.

There are many articles these days that Apple will release electric vehicles in 2024, so three years later.

Those who like Apple products will be interested, but Apple has not released anything before launching all products.

In Korea, news of Apple car production is also inevitable through overseas articles, and to explain what products will be released based on that, we will first release finished cars like Tesla.

Also, the battery that acts as an engine for electric vehicles is really important.

It is known that we are preparing innovative products by breaking out of the framework of these batteries that are currently available.

Some even say, "You will be as surprised as when you first saw your iPhone."

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battery, I'm very curious, but in fact, this design is being evaluated as a strength of Apple. Is there anything known about the vehicle design?


Even now, when I search for an apple car on the Internet, several concept car images appear.

With this concept color, the manufacturer directly shows a sample of the car under development.

However, if you look closely at the Apple car images released on the Internet, the designs are all different.

Apple has never released a concept car, and no one knows what design it will be released in now.

Like the iPhone, the design is expected to be fully released just before launch.

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may be that this Apple car has been talked about a lot, but Tesla stocks have recently dropped considerably?


Yes, on the same day that an article about Apple Cars producing such a car came out, Tesla's stock price dropped by 6.5%.

It seems that the outlook that the Apple car could threaten Tesla's status as the world's number one electric car market leader, Tesla founder Elon Musk also tweeted as if he was conscious of the Apple car.

If you look at it, it says, "When Tesla was in the dark, I contacted Apple's Tim Cook to ask if he would buy Tesla, and he was rejected."

At that time, it was said that Tesla's corporate value was about a tenth of its current level, but at that time it seems to be a bit of a twist on Apple, which is now a latecomer without taking Tesla.

Apple has also hired many of Tesla's employees.

As such, the checks between the two companies are still tight, but in fact, from a consumer's point of view, if a lot of good products come out amidst such competition, it is a pleasure to have wider options.


And now, how will these movements turn around and affect the Korean electric vehicle market?


Yes, it will be very important who supplies the parts for this Apple car.

Just looking at yesterday, LG Electronics' stock price hit the upper limit.

This is because there are reports that LG Electronics produces electric vehicle parts with a company called Magnara in Canada. Magnara is a global auto parts company that has the company's autonomous driving technology and ranks in the top 6 globally.

It is only known that Apple has discussed cooperation with this company, but LG Electronics' stock price has also soared.

What is Apple's rival Samsung preparing for? Although Samsung has shown a lot of interest in the electric vehicle business.

It is said that it is focusing on supplying batteries and parts rather than directly entering the automotive field.


Korea's so-called K-battery is leading the global electric vehicle market, but I don't know whether it will fit into the Apple car or not.


Yes, as I explained earlier, Apple Cars are known to be producing batteries directly.

However, battery technology is not completed in a day or two.

In-house production may be difficult until 3 years later.

In this case, the key will be which company supplies batteries to Apple cars.

The battery method Apple is known to be working on is most similar to that produced by CATL, China's largest battery company.

So, is it that Chinese CATL will benefit? There are observations like this, but there is very little confirmed regarding Apple Cars, so it seems important how well Korean companies make mid- to long-term plans in the future.