Kenichi Hori, Managing Director, will be promoted to the new president of a major trading company "Mitsui & Co., Ltd." in April next year.

President Tatsuo Yasunaga will become chairman.

Kenichi Hori, who is scheduled to become the new president on April 1, next year, is 58 years old.

After joining Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in 1984, he was mainly in charge of the chemicals department, and after working as the IR department manager and the corporate planning department manager, he has been the managing director with the right of representation since last year.

At a press conference held on the 23rd, Mr. Hori said, "I would like to propose solutions to the problems clarified by the spread of the new coronavirus and the way energy should be, and achieve results as a global company. Management resources around the world for many years. I would like to overcome various restrictions by making the best use of the track record of introducing the virus. "

On the other hand, President Tatsuo Yasunaga, who has been the top management for more than 5 years and 8 months since April 2015, will be appointed chairman with the right of representation.