The Government of Spain has decided to join other countries that yesterday banned flights from the United Kingdom and has also chosen to

suspend traffic from this country as of tomorrow, Tuesday,

except for Spanish citizens and residents, as reported by the Secretary of State for Communication.

In other words, the suspension is limited to incoming flights with non-Spanish passengers or those who do not reside in Spain, they explain from Foreign Affairs.

The measure, which aims to prevent the new strain originating in the country from spreading across Europe,

has been taken in concert with Portugal.

Spain had expressed yesterday in Brussels the need to take coordinated measures when banning flights or closing borders.

It had reinforced the control of PCR tests for travelers arriving from the United Kingdom.

Spain makes this decision after Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium did yesterday.

Currently there are already more than twenty countries that have adopted restrictions on flights and transport from the United Kingdom.

They are, in addition to those mentioned,

France, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

All have announced measures to prevent the entry of the new strain.

Germany will only allow freight transport and Greece has imposed a quarantine on citizens coming from this country.

They have also suspended the entry of passengers from the United Kingdom Russia, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Croatia, Macedonia, Canada, Hong Kong and Turkey.

In addition,

some countries have restricted air traffic with Europe.

This is the case of Saudi Arabia, which suspended international flights and arrivals by land or sea for a week from Sunday, extendable to two, reports AFP.

Peru has suspended flights from Europe while Israel also decided today to veto the entry of foreigners, in addition to ordering that all Israelis who return from abroad be placed in strict quarantine in hotels.

The cut in air traffic with the United Kingdom has a direct impact on the air sector.

The first wave of the pandemic began, in fact, with the suspension of flights to China.

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