China News Service, December 21. The reporter learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Railway Group") that from 0:00 on January 20, 2021, the national railways will implement a new train map and increase passengers There are 325 trains, and 114 freight trains will be added to the main freight channels.

After the map adjustment, the total number of passenger and freight trains in the country reached 10,203 and 20,513 respectively, and the railway passenger and freight transportation capacity was further improved.

After the map adjustment, passenger train tickets will be sold on December 22.

Data map: High-speed rail.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yao

  According to the person in charge of the Transportation Department of China Railway Group, the adjustment is to deepen the structural reform of the transportation supply side of the railway department, focus on better meeting the people's growing needs for a better travel life and market demand, and consider the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Factors such as the commissioning of new railway lines, the expansion of capacity resources, and the prevention and control of the epidemic have made an optimized adjustment to the transportation organization plan.

The main changes are reflected in:

  One is to make full use of new line resources to enhance regional transportation capacity.

At the end of 2020 and early 2021, a number of new railway lines were put into operation.

In this map adjustment, the railway department made full use of the resources of the new line to arrange the operation of high-speed rail, normal speed and freight trains to enhance regional transportation capacity.

The Lianyungang-Zhenjiang high-speed railway has been opened. After the map is adjusted, up to 124 mobile trains will be operated daily, realizing the seamless connection between northern Jiangsu and central Jiangsu and the central city of the Yangtze River Delta. The fastest way from Lianyungang to Zhenjiang is 2 hours and 9 minutes. The Zhengzhou-Taiyuan high-speed railway has been fully operational. After the map adjustment, up to 74 mobile trains will be operated daily. The time and space distance between the southeast of Shanxi and the central and eastern regions has been further shortened. The fastest travel time between Zhengzhou and Taiyuan has been reduced from the original The 3 hours and 38 minutes to travel to Shijiazhuang was reduced to 2 hours and 24 minutes for the direct connection between the two places; the Xinjiang Beijiang Railway Ring Line and Geku Railway, which have been fully operational, will operate 6 passenger trains and 10 freight trains every day after the map is adjusted. The history of railway failure in parts of southern and northern Xinjiang has further improved Xinjiang's railway transportation capacity.

The Yinchuan-Xi’an, Hefei-Anqing, Yancheng-Nantong, Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railways, the Beijing-Xiongan New Area intercity railway, Fuzhou-Pingtan, and Dali-Lincang railways will be opened before the map adjustment. The operation of trains on the line, weekend line, and peak line will effectively enhance the passenger transport capacity of Shaan-Gan-Ning, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, the west bank of the Straits, Yunnan and the entry and exit corridors, and release the freight capacity of related lines.

In particular, the opening of the Yinchuan-Xi’an high-speed rail allowed Ningxia to enter the national high-speed rail network for the first time; the opening of the Yancheng-Nantong high-speed rail will form the fastest route from Shandong and Jiangsu’s eastern coastal areas to Suzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and Qingdao to Shanghai via Lianyungang, Yancheng, and Nantong. It will be available in 4 hours and 54 minutes.

  The second is to optimize the train operation plan to meet the needs of passengers.

According to the changes in passenger flow, the railway department has accurately formulated passenger train operation plans on existing high-speed rail and normal-speed lines, and added 88 daily EMU trains and 2 weekend trains, and changed 44 operating sections to adjust operation. 29 columns of trails.

The Qingdao-Rongcheng intercity railway and the Nanjing-Anqing high-speed rail EMU run at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, and the travel time is reduced by 12 minutes and 13 minutes respectively.

The Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed railway runs at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, and 50 trains are operated by Fuxing. It can be reached in 62 minutes from Chengdu to Chongqing as soon as possible. The same city effect has further appeared.

Optimize some general-speed passenger trains. The travel time of K350 from Jiamusi to Beijing is reduced from 27 hours and 32 minutes to 23 hours and 37 minutes. The travel time of K374/1 from Taiyuan to Shanghai and Z112/3 from Haikou to Harbin West is further improved. compression.

  The third is to enhance cargo transportation capacity and help the new development pattern.

In accordance with the transportation needs of key materials such as coal and grain, 114 freight trains will be added to the main freight channels of Beijing-Harbin, Jinshan, Shenshan, Yuhuai, Jiaoliu, and Xiangyu.

Focusing on the changes in the demand for China-Europe freight trains and the new western land-sea corridors, we will optimize the operation of freight trains. After the map adjustment, 73 China-Europe freight trains, 30 Central Asian freight trains, 6 land-sea new trains, and 11 riverside trains provide precise services. The construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and the development of my country's foreign trade.

  The fourth is to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the organization of transportation so that passengers can go safely and at ease.

Fully implement the central government’s decision-making and deployment of normalized epidemic prevention and control in autumn and winter, comprehensively consider the needs of epidemic prevention and control in the transportation organization, strictly control the overcrowding rate of trains, strengthen the temperature detection of passengers entering and leaving stations, and remind passengers to wear masks throughout the process and keep a safe distance, especially During the Spring Festival transport period, additional trains will be arranged in time to provide sufficient transport capacity, and the epidemic prevention and control of trains will be carefully done to ensure safety and peace of mind for passengers.

  The railway department reminded that the passenger train tickets after the map adjustment will be sold on December 22. Passengers can inquire through the railway 12306 website, client, WeChat and other channels, and can also pay attention to the dynamic information released by the railway departments and major trains. Station announcement to arrange the itinerary reasonably.