[Explanation] Although major catering companies have experienced a "fallen cold" type of blow on the 2020 New Year's Eve dinner reservations, as the domestic epidemic improves, the 2021 New Year's Eve dinner reservations have "heated up" ahead of schedule.

When the reporter visited many time-honored restaurants and local cuisine restaurants in Shanghai on December 18, the reporter found that the dining reservations from the New Year’s Eve to the fifth night of the New Year’s Eve had exceeded 90%, especially on the Lunar New Year’s Eve.

  Entering mid-December, many Shanghai catering companies have made very popular New Year's Eve dinner reservations. The private rooms of Shanghai time-honored restaurants such as Lanxin Restaurant are even fully booked in the month when the New Year's Eve dinner reservations were just opened.

  [Concurrent] Restaurant Manager Wang Lei

  Our New Year’s Eve dinner reservations are also very popular, and our reservation rate is now nearly 95%.

When we first booked, when we first booked in October, because there are many local residents in Shanghai now, they did not eat the New Year’s Eve dinner because of the impact of the epidemic last year. Then this year we booked very actively. We had all the private rooms in October. It's fixed.

  [Explanation] According to reports, in order to meet the needs of more diners, the restaurant also provides two time periods for batch booking, the first batch is from 16:30 to 19:00, and the second batch is from 19:30 to 21:00.

  It is also a time-honored Shanghai brand that is very popular among diners. The private rooms and scenic spots of Yuyuan Green Wave Gallery have been booked very early. At present, there are only a few places in the lobby, which shows the enthusiasm of the citizens for booking.

  It’s hard to find a table in time-honored restaurants, and the market for New Year’s Eve dinners in Shanghai’s local restaurants is also hot.

Meiyuan Chunxiao specially launched a variety of New Year's Eve dinner packages covering 4 to 12 people to better meet the dining needs of different families.

From the previous wave of cancellation of New Year’s Eve dinners to the current trend of grabbing orders, restaurant manager Zhou Jinfang said with emotion that the restaurant’s New Year’s Eve set meals have become "sweet and delicious".

  [Concurrent] Zhou Jinfang, Restaurant Manager

  Basically, since September, someone called to ask about the New Year’s Eve dinner.

So far, our booking rate for New Year’s Eve dinner is basically 95%.

Because of the epidemic situation last year, that is to say, there was a wave of unsubscriptions for the New Year’s Eve dinner. This year’s New Year’s Eve dinner must have become a "sweet pastry".

  [Explanation] Shanghai citizen Feng Tongguang specially took annual leave to the restaurant to book a private room for the New Year’s Eve dinner in advance to make up for the regret of unsubscribing last year.

  [Concurrent] Feng Tongguang, a citizen of Shanghai

  Because of the epidemic last year, there was a wave of unsubscriptions, and we didn't get enough.

Come here a little earlier this year to confirm the location, and it won’t be unreserved at that time, so it’s a bit earlier this year.

  [Explanation] The hot bookings for the New Year's Eve dinner in 2021 have also regained the long-lost confidence in major catering companies.

Under the epidemic situation, in order to ensure the safety of consumers coming to the store for reunion dinner, the restaurants interviewed generally stated that they would strictly implement daily epidemic prevention and control measures.

Many of these restaurants also said that they will provide packaging services for finished and semi-finished products to avoid waste of dining.

  Reporter Xu Yin Kang Yuzhan reports from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Tang Weijie]