Oil prices ushered in "three consecutive rises" plus a tank of oil to spend 6 yuan more

It is expected that the probability of the next round of refined oil price increases is greater

  Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Shuxin) The price of refined oil has been raised for the seventh time this year. This price adjustment is the 24th price adjustment in 2020.

The National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice stating that at 24:00 on December 17, the price of gasoline and diesel will be increased by 155 yuan per ton of gasoline and 150 yuan for diesel, which translates to a rise of 0.11 yuan per liter for 89 gasoline, 0.12 yuan for 92 gasoline, and 0.12 yuan for 95 gasoline. 0.13 yuan, No. 0 diesel rose 0.13 yuan.

  According to the Beijing News reporter's statistics, this oil price adjustment is a "three consecutive rises" in the recent past. After this price adjustment, the 2020 refined oil price adjustment will show a pattern of "seven increases, five drops, and 12 strands".

The next price adjustment window will open at 24:00 on December 31, 2020.

According to Xu Wenwen, a refined oil analyst at Longzhong Information, after the price adjustment, the cumulative decline in gasoline this year was 1,385 yuan/ton, and the decline in diesel was 1,335 yuan/ton.

  Calculated on an ordinary private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L, after the price adjustment, car owners will spend about 6 yuan more to fill a tank of fuel; according to the model that consumes 7L-8L per 100 kilometers in the city, the average cost per 1,000 kilometers will increase Around 9 yuan.

For a large-scale logistics transportation vehicle with a full load of 50 tons, the fuel cost increases by about 52 yuan per 1,000 kilometers.

This price adjustment will increase costs for private car owners and logistics companies.

  After the price adjustment, refined oil products in most parts of the country still remain at the 5 yuan era.

According to calculations by Longzhong Information, after this round of price adjustments, the price of car diesel in most parts of the country will be around 5.8-5.9 yuan/liter, and the retail price of 92# gasoline will be 5.8-6.0 yuan/liter.

The price adjustment will increase the fuel cost of private car owners.

  Li Chunyan, a refined oil analyst at Longzhong Information, said that during the price adjustment cycle, the domestic refined oil market remained weak after rising.

Recently, international crude oil has fluctuated and risen. With the support of good news, the prices of gasoline and diesel have continued to rise. However, as prices in the north have continued to rise, the enthusiasm for receiving goods in the middle and lower reaches of the south has declined.

Near the middle of the year, the main unit of gasoline and diesel continued to explore the lack of momentum, but the main unit mainly guaranteed profits, and the price remained high.

Individual main business units have rushed to deliver goods, the discount rate of actual orders has been expanded, and the focus of transactions has moved down slightly.

  "The increase in retail prices of gasoline and diesel this time is a positive support for the domestic refined oil market. Before the next round of price adjustment cycles, it is expected that the domestic gasoline and diesel market may fall from a high level." Li Chunyan said.

  The next price adjustment window will open at 24:00 on December 31, 2020. In the later stage of the forecast, Longzhong Information crude oil analyst Li Yan said that based on the current international crude oil price level, the next round of refined oil price adjustments will begin to show an upward trend, with an amplitude of about 80 yuan/ton. At present, many European and American countries have begun to vaccinate to boost market demand expectations. At the same time, the Fed may adopt further easing measures and the US dollar may operate at a low level. It is expected that the next round of refined oil price adjustments will have a higher probability.