Over 4 times in 9 months!

Bitcoin has repeatedly broken record highs

  Recently, Bitcoin has become the "new favorite" of the capital market.

  Since the price of Bitcoin hit a new low in the year on March 13th, as of December 17, its price has soared more than four times. Such a large income has attracted the hearts of many individual investors. Mr. Li is one of them.

"It's really crazy." Mr. Li, who has many years of experience in stock trading, was still surprised by the skyrocketing Bitcoin.

In March of this year, when the price of Bitcoin fell to more than 4,000 US dollars, he bought some with the mentality of giving it a try, and then sold them one after another on the advice of his friends.

  "At that time I felt that the risk was a bit high, but now I want to enter again." Mr. Li said.

The current market is so good, can ordinary investors still enter the market?

On the 18th, reporters from West China Metropolis Daily and cover news consulted experts in related fields.

9 months of carnival skyrocketing more than 4 times

  On November 24, Bitcoin stood at the $19,000 mark, continuing to hit a new high since December 2017.

  On December 1, Bitcoin surged again, hitting an all-time high of $1,694.15, breaking the record set nearly three years ago.

  On December 16, Bitcoin broke the $20,000 mark for the first time, setting a new record.

  On December 17, Bitcoin broke through $23,000 and hit a record high.

  Counting down a few key nodes of Bitcoin in the near future can be described as a "magic drama".

On March 13, after Bitcoin hit a new low for the year at a price of $4,705, it started an upward pattern. Although there have been ups and downs in the middle, the overall trend is good.

As of December 17, Bitcoin broke through $23,000, achieving a 9-month surge exceeding 4 times.

  So, what is the reason for Bitcoin's surge?

  On the one hand, there are reports that a report recently released by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that in 2020, more and more institutional investors will enter the cryptocurrency market, including JP Morgan Chase, Standard Chartered Bank, and Citigroup.

  On the other hand, according to Bloomberg News, according to a survey conducted by Bank of America from December 4 to 10, about 15% of fund managers said that Bitcoin is currently the third most crowded transaction, second only to long technology stocks. And short the dollar.

  Of course, some analysts said that Bitcoin's skyrocketing price is also related to the epidemic. “The hedging behavior triggered by the epidemic has led to the injection of funds into the digital currency market.”

Remind that individuals are not recommended to enter investment

  But in fact, no matter how many factors are behind Bitcoin's skyrocketing, in reality, it has indeed skyrocketed several times.

  The huge benefits make many people "eager to try."

Like Mr. Li, there are not a few people who are both emotional and hesitant.

  The recent continuous rise of Bitcoin has caused a carnival in the market.

However, the reporter found that in the face of the high-spirited Bitcoin wave, some people applauded and some sang down.

  Many netizens gave comments such as "bad reviews", "scams", "a lot of people crying once the bonus period is over", and "I suggest you don't participate" under the hot search on Weibo "Bitcoin stands above the $20,000 mark". .

  So is a virtual currency like Bitcoin suitable for personal investment?

  Jiang Han, a senior researcher at Pangu Think Tank, said that compared with the currency market, Bitcoin lacks a stable currency value.

  Jiang Han said that in recent years, due to the influx of a large number of institutional investors, Bitcoin has the possibility of long-term stable assets, making its rise naturally.

  "The current surge in Bitcoin is actually caused by the whole market's judgment that the European and American economic situation is not optimistic." Jiang Han said.

  So what is the future of Bitcoin?

Jiang Han believes that it is not ruled out that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise, but we must also understand that Bitcoin is very risky, and individual investors are not recommended to enter the market.

  West China Metropolis Daily-cover news reporter Ma Mengfei