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■ Progress: Lee Cheol-hee, Director of Knowledge Design Research Institute

■ Broadcast Date: 2020 December 4 (Fri), 2010

■ Cast: Park Hae-sung, CEO of TV Ridge,

'Running house price, I am a fee' Is it a story about real estate brokerage fees?

The National Rights Commission conducted a survey from the 2nd to the 13th of last month on the subject of'Housing Brokerage Services, Problems and Improvement Measures'.

A total of 2,478 people participated in this survey, and the ratio of public brokers and general public was about 50% each.

As a result of the survey, 53% of respondents said the brokerage fee burden was excessive.

In response, the Kwon Ik Committee analyzed that as real estate sales and jeonse prices soared, brokerage fees also increased significantly, and more consumers felt burdened.

Also, whether real estate brokerage consumers or brokers, opinions were high to improve the current brokerage fees.

Based on the results of the opinion gathering, the KFTC announced that it will review the reduction of the current 0.9% of the maximum rate applied to transaction sections of 900 million or more Expand the scope of legal brokerage services limited to the current brokerage business single rate system and flat rate system.

According to the Korea Certified Brokers Association, in the case of Seoul, the upper limit of brokerage fees is 0.6% for trading amounts less than 50 million won, 0.5% for transactions above 50 million won, 0.5% for less than 200 million won, 0.4% for 200 million won to less than 600 million won, and 600 million won or more. 0.5% for less than ~900 million won.

Over 900 million won is decided in consultation with the brokerage client and the public brokerage within 0.9% of the upper limit.

Due to the recent surge in house prices, the median price of apartments in Seoul is approaching 1 billion won. How much do respondents think is appropriate?

Half of the respondents answered that the appropriate price for an 85㎡ apartment, which is the size of a national housing, is between 300 million and 600 million won.

47% answered that 600 million to 900 million won was appropriate.

Based on Seoul area.

For reference, according to the housing price trend released by KB Real Estate Liveon, the average selling price of 60~85㎡ Seoul small and medium-sized apartments in November was 97.2 million won, and the 85~102㎡ was 11.39 billion won.

It can be said that there is a considerable gap between the sentiment of citizens and the difference in actual house prices.

Then, in the first half of next year, will the house price rise or fall?

Was there any research related to the prospects?

Real Estate 114 conducted a survey of 1,439 people nationwide from November 9th to 23rd for the first half of 2021 housing market forecast. As a result, more than seven people in the column predicted that both the sale price and the jeonse would increase.

On the other hand, the forecast that it will decline was only 5-7% of all respondents.

The biggest reason for the forecast that the sale price will rise is 46% of respondents saying that apartment prices in the metropolitan area will rise, 28% of supply shortages in downtown Seoul, ballooning effect on other less-rising areas (16%), and the domestic economy will recover in the first half of next year. There was a response.

When asked what would be the main variable in the real estate market in the first half of next year, 27% answered that the government's real estate regulation policy, 18% answered that the domestic and foreign economic conditions, followed by the jeonse price flow (16%), and the standard interest rate of 0%. The response was followed by a liquidity effect (13%) and supply expansion (13%) including the 3rd new city.