, Hangzhou, December 12 (Qian Chenfei and Zang Chengeng) On the 12th, the 5th Zhejiang Provincial Social Science Academic Annual Conference "Yangtze River Delta Integration and Regional Governance Modernization" high-level forum was held in Hangzhou, and many well-known Experts conducted discussions on topics such as economic and trade development in the Yangtze River Delta region and optimization of the regional governance system.

  Sheng Shihao, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, pointed out that the Yangtze River Delta should focus on high-quality promotion of integration and build a regional modern governance system.

  "In the new stage of development, the Yangtze River Delta region must play an important pivotal role in the new development pattern. Give full play to the role of market players, and establish a system and mechanism for multi-agent cooperation and governance. Give full play to the role of major platforms, especially in cross-chain The role of integration, the gathering of innovative resources, and the formulation of rules and standards, fully participate in regional governance, and strive to strengthen the construction of major innovation platforms, open platforms, integrated transportation hub platforms, industrial chain node conversion platforms, government public service platforms, and flagship platform enterprises , To provide strong support for accelerating the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta." Sheng Shihao said.

  Yang Kaizhong, chairman of the Chinese Regional Science Association and secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Ecological Civilization of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that under the new development pattern of domestic circulation as the mainstay and mutual promotion of international and domestic double circulation, it is the only way to create a new development miracle and shape a new development pattern.

  In his view, the Yangtze River Delta region, as the region with the most conditions to take the lead in forming a new development pattern, is the key to its efforts in five areas: efforts to improve local quality and to achieve a local quality-driven development path; to optimize industry, population and Make efforts to adjust economic density, further promote economic agglomeration, and optimize the economic spatial structure; make efforts to reduce spatial distance, jump out of low-efficiency space dependence, and form a multi-level, multi-scale efficient flow of economic elements and central nodes, and mutual promotion Situation: Make efforts to strengthen the complementarity of regional functions, and build an industrial chain integration and innovation system based on spatial complementarity; make efforts to eliminate segmentation in depth, and focus on high-quality integration to build an integrated institutional system.

  "The integration of the Yangtze River Delta region to move toward a world-class outstanding city cluster must highlight the positioning of strong and active growth poles, which must have a certain growth rate and high quality." Zhang Xueliang, deputy dean of the School of Urban and Regional Sciences, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Say.

  He pointed out that in order to achieve the above goals, efforts should be made to draw a development map of the two major systems, the three-high pattern, the six-in-one and six-color growth.

That is, the linkage of the two systems of internal and external double circulation and regional integration; promote the synergy of high-quality development, high-quality life and high-efficiency governance, and realize the six-in-one development of industry, public services, space, ecology, transportation and government governance to deepen Traditional orange growth, adhere to innovative golden growth, shape ecological green growth, inherit cultural cyan growth, dig deep into public service blue growth, and co-build regional synergistic purple growth.

  It is reported that four parallel sessions were held on the same day, including the joint development of the Yangtze River Delta Pilot Free Trade Zone, the integration of localities into the Yangtze River Delta integration path and mechanism, the innovation and industrial development in the Yangtze River Delta integration process, and the governance modernization in the Yangtze River Delta integration. At the forum, the "China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone Research Results Collection (2003-2020)" was released, and the Yangtze River Delta Pilot Free Trade Zone Think Tank Cooperation Alliance was also established on the same day.