Explosion in Beirut: resigning Prime Minister Hassan Diab indicted for negligence

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the resignation of his government on August 10.


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The Lebanese judge in charge of the investigation into the devastating explosion at the port of Beirut last August also decided to indict three other ministers.

The explosion killed 200 people this summer.


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Everyone remembers these images of desolation in Beirut ravaged by the explosion of a warehouse in the city's port.

On the same day, August 4, as the death toll continues to rise, the Prime Minister promises his people that those responsible for this tragedy will pay the price.

Quickly, the causes of the explosion are analyzed.

The store in question had contained ammonium nitrate for years without taking any special precautions.

The anger of the Lebanese quickly turns to the political class accused of having allowed such a catastrophe to happen.

Faced with the demonstrators, several ministers resign.

Finally, the entire government of Hassan Diab leaves power, including him.

He then says he is ready to be held accountable and points to a system of corruption greater than the state whose hands are tied.

Finally, the icing on the cake, the Lebanese quickly learn that the country's security officials had warned the Prime Minister and the Lebanese President several weeks before the disaster of the risk of keeping the 750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in the heart of the capital.

Today the decision to indict Hassan Diab therefore confirms

the reasons for the anger of the Lebanese population

who demand justice. 


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