Ineligible medical insurance, also called'National Insurance', with 38 million people subscribed to it. As the problem of deficit caused by some over-treatment became serious, the government decided to introduce a new real-loss insurance product.

First of all, reporter Hyung-woo Jeon reports on the extent of the problem with real loss insurance.

<Reporter> When

I inquired about cataract surgery at an ophthalmology clinic, I asked if I would like to sign up for real loss insurance.

[Ophthalmology officials: Do you have insurance that can be claimed?]

Recently popular multifocal lens implantation is also instructed to cover insurance.

[Ophthalmology Personnel: You can pay for the examination fee (insurance).

If (cataract) is diagnosed, it is possible to handle (multifocal lens also real loss insurance).]

In 2016, expenditure on cataract related real loss insurance surged from KRW 78 billion in 2016 to 450 billion KRW last year.

[Insurance officials: As competition intensifies, claims for insurance premiums that induce over-treatment for items that can inflate hospital expenses such as cataract surgery (increased)]

A man in his 40s, for a period of more than a year from July of last year. He received manual treatment 69 times and received an insurance premium of 8.8 million won.

Receiving indemnity insurance like this is concentrated on a small percentage of the total insured.

The top 3.4% of insured people took more than half of their insurance benefits, and 65% said they did not.

[Sunghee Jeong/Director of Non-life Insurance Research Division, Insurance Research Institute: Most of them never go to the hospital, but there is a part where it is less fair to pay the same premiums as those who use them a lot.]

New premiums due to a small number of excess medical treatments increase the premiums of general subscribers. Has been connected to.

(Video coverage: Donghyuk Yoo, video editing: Wonhee Won)  

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