Regarding mobile phone charges, the cheap smartphone company announced a new plan following NTT DoCoMo, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda said, "It is important to convey to users the feeling that it has become cheaper through fair competition." He expressed his expectation that the competition would become more active.

Regarding mobile phone charges, in response to the announcement of a new plan by the largest NTT DoCoMo, Japan Communication Inc., a cheap smartphone company, has also announced a plan of 1980 yen per month for 16 gigabytes.

Regarding this, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on the 8th, "I have to evaluate that the competition between businesses is finally becoming active due to DoCoMo's new plan. Including cheap smartphones. It is important for mobile phone operators to offer low-priced and diverse rate services through fair competition so that users can feel that they have become cheaper. " It was.

Also, in connection with the fact that a cheap smartphone company that does not have its own line pays a connection fee when renting a line from a major company, "Reducing the connection fee is an absolute condition for leading fair competition, so I would like to support it firmly, "he said, and expressed his intention to support the reduction of connection fees.