China News Service, Chengdu, December 5 (Du Cheng Li Ji) PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company (hereinafter referred to as "Southwest Oil and Gas Field") reported on the 5th that its daily industrial production of natural gas has reached 100.4 million cubic meters recently, exceeding 100 million. The cubic meter mark increased by 12.94 million cubic meters compared with the same period last year, a record high.

The harmonious beauty of nature and the oil and gas industry.

Photo courtesy of Southwest Oil and Gas Field

  The relevant person in charge of the Southwest Oil and Gas Field said that the daily natural gas production exceeded 100 million cubic meters, which effectively consolidated the foundation for the completion of the Southwest Oil and Gas Field in the final year of the 13th Five-Year Plan for a 30 billion strategic atmosphere and the first 10 billion shale gas field in China. , For the next step to speed up the production of 50 billion, and work hard to strengthen the confidence of 80 billion.

The natural gas pipeline network covers Sichuan, Chongqing and China Unicom.

Photo courtesy of Southwest Oil and Gas Field

  Since the beginning of this year, facing the dual impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and low oil prices, the Southwest Oil and Gas Field has continued to increase reserves and production.

In terms of exploration, aiming at the three major areas of marine carbonate rock, terrestrial tight gas, and volcanic rock, focusing on the three new exploration positions of the northern slope of the central Sichuan paleo-uplift, central Sichuan-western Sichuan tight gas, and western Sichuan Permian, and fully promoting efficient exploration, Concentrate on increasing reserves, strengthen risk exploration in new areas and new areas, and have successively achieved major new exploration results in the northern slope of the central Sichuan paleo-uplift and the Qixia Formation in southwestern Sichuan. The tight gas in the basin has been tested in 6 consecutive wells and high-yield industrial gas flows have been demonstrated, showing huge Exploration and development potential.

  In terms of development, the company fully relied on its solid resource base, strengthened theoretical and technological innovation, and improved development efficiency with effective scale production. Conventional gas achieved good production and efficiency, and Dengying gas reservoirs and tight gas single well test production set new records ; The daily output of shale gas in southern Sichuan has increased by tens of millions of cubic meters for three consecutive years.

  In terms of production and operation, the company is committed to "maximizing production capacity, maximizing sales expansion, maximizing rich gas export", and optimizing the deployment. The southern Sichuan shale gas export and Jiangjin upload project was successfully put into operation 12 days ahead of schedule, effectively Breaking the bottleneck of production capacity; efficiently completing the emergency recovery and injection maintenance of Xiangguosi gas storage in 3 days, minimizing the impact of production restrictions; through measures such as "reduction of downloads, downsizing of inventory, adjustment of sales, and control of transmission on behalf of", Sichuan and Chongqing have been effectively stabilized Natural gas market supply.

  In terms of pipeline network efficiency, the Southwest Oil and Gas Field has formed a production, transportation, storage and sales pattern of “covering Sichuan and Chongqing, China Unicom, internal and external interoperability, and strategic reserves”, realizing an effective connection between resources and the market, and both natural gas production and sales have increased by 100% in five years. Billion cubic meters, ensuring the dominant position in the Sichuan and Chongqing markets.

  The person in charge stated that 2021 is the beginning year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the beginning year of the Southwest Oil and Gas Fields to accelerate the production of 50 billion yuan. The company will take on the important task of "the main force in increasing natural gas production and the vanguard of shale gas development". , Strive to build a natural gas southwest growth pole, and take up the mission of building China’s largest gas field (Finish)