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Citroën C3 2021 -


It's very simple: unearthing the aesthetic evolutions which mark this "facelift" comes under the game of 7 errors.

First, the front receives a new grille, whose chrome rods adopt a style that will soon be found on the new C4: they "burst" to form a stylized V highlighting the optical units.

Citroën C3 2021 - DR

Passing to the side, we notice - or not - that the Airbumps, these famous lower body protective cushions, have been redesigned.

As for the rear part, its changes are… non-existent.

The rest of the novelties, it is on the configurator that we will discover them.

Citroën introduced new bodywork colors as well as new rims, and widened the possibilities for customization.

Finally, the technological update: the Citroën C3 can now be equipped with Full LED headlights, parking sensors at the front, and a radar warning system integrated into the navigation system.

Mechanics unchanged

Curiously at the time of generalized electrification, things do not move under the hood either.

At the same time, the C3's mechanical palette is fine as it is, and adopting even a micro-hybridization that would have risked harming one of the car's arguments: its very competitive prices.

We will therefore find the excellent 1.2-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine, offered in 83 or 110 hp (the latter being available with manual or 6-speed automatic gearbox), and also an engine on the way out in this category: the 1.5 diesel, which here delivers 100 hp.

Citroën C3 2021 - DR

Just a little foam

In fact, we haven't said everything.

We have saved the best for last, since there is indeed one change to be addressed: a new seat foam, with remarkable effects.

Let's start by recalling that the C3 wins hands down its Citroën stripes, since it is indisputably the most comfortable car in its category.

A comfort which goes of course through the configuration of its suspensions, whose deliberate choice to soften the journey implies that the car does not have the slightest dynamic pretension.

And it is very well like that.

Citroën C3 2021 - DR

But the seats also play a significant role.

These seats were already more welcoming than the others, because they were wider and softer.

And just by modifying the foam padding, Citroën offers us a car that gives the feeling of enveloping you, of cuddling you.

We know that it is quite unusual to linger at this point on the seats of a "simple" city car.

But precisely: such a degree of approval in this category deserves to be underlined.

The new Citroën C3 starts at € 15,300.


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