The transport sector warns against empty shelves in clothing stores and empty shelves in garden centers and DIY stores.

The shortages would arise because trade has picked up again, while shipping companies that usually get the goods from China do not use additional containers and ships.

That say Transport and Logistics Netherlands (TLN) and forwarding organization Fenex Friday.

"There is a risk of shortages of all kinds of things," said a spokesperson for TLN, who cannot say exactly when the shelves will be empty.

"The problem has been going on for months and its seriousness is only increasing."

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When the shortage of transport options really leads to empty shelves, depends, among other things, on the stocks of stores.

"Importers already have to reserve space for January if they want to get goods here. That was previously only a few days in advance."

There has been overcapacity in shipping for a long time;

there were more container ships than needed.

At the beginning of the corona crisis, shipping companies, the operators of those ships, took many boats out of service.

That is precisely why there are shortages.

Because it takes longer to get space on board, the entire chain is delayed.

"Importers do not receive their goods on time and ultimately the consumer is faced with an empty shelf."