Hunan Changsha layout computing ecology

  Digital empowerment of urban intelligence (new infrastructure and new opportunities)

  In September of this year, at the Kunpeng Computing Ecology Forum at the 2020 Internet Yuelu Summit in Changsha, Hunan, the guests said, “Data has become a core production factor and'computing power' has become a core productivity. The development prospects of the new computing industry are broad.”

  In the first half of this year, driven by the digital industry centered on the computing industry, Changsha released 191 application scenarios around the three major areas of smart city, smart manufacturing, and smart industry, with more than 9,000 software companies in the city.

7,530 enterprises settled in 10 provincial-level software and information technology service industrial parks.

Specialized parks represented by Changsha's China Electronics Software Park and Xincheng Science and Technology Park are gradually becoming the "Hunan name card" of the software and information technology service industry, and the computing industry in Changsha is rising rapidly.

  Hardware and software are parallel, and the industrial ecology is taking shape

  Automated production line and high-speed operation of intelligent testing equipment, in the production workshop of Xiangjiang Kunpeng Industrial Park, an orderly and busy scene.

"Currently, the first phase of the industrial park has been completed, and two production lines of servers and personal computers have been put into production." The person in charge of the Xiangjiang Kunpeng production line introduced.

  The industrial and commercial registration was completed in 1 day, the land approval and transfer was completed in 10 days, and the plant construction was completed in 120 days... It only took 8 months from the decision to introduce Kunpeng to the project’s implementation.

  On April 28 this year, the first "Made in Hunan" Kunpeng server in Xiangjiang went offline, and the Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center in Hunan Province was completed, marking Hunan Kunpeng's computing industry has made important progress in the parallel hardware production line and software level.

As the country's first "hardware + software" Kunpeng computing industry base, Xiangjiang Kunpeng provides integrated software and hardware solutions for all walks of life.

"In the first month of server rollout, an order of over 100 million yuan was reached, and the production capacity is expected to reach 60,000 units in 2020. At present, we have signed more than 160 strategic partners, integrated software and hardware development, and an industrial ecology is taking shape." Chairman Li Xinyu introduced.

  Huawei has joined hands with various industry partners to build the Kunpeng computing industry, bringing together the backbone of the industry, and building multiple computing industry bases with partners across the country.

With its own advantages in the intelligent technology industry, Changsha has gathered local companies to explore industry application scenarios based on Kunpeng's computing power, and create a unique "Huxiang characteristics" computing industry ecology.

  "The computing industry is a major strategy related to the national industrial competitiveness, and a major industry that promotes the high-quality economic development of the new district and Changsha." said Zheng Ping, director of the Changsha Xiangjiang New Area Industry Promotion Bureau.

  Promote smart applications and lay out new opportunities in the industry

  Scanning, identification, calculation...Xiangjiang Kunpeng server is used for the first time in the online assessment of college entrance examinations in Guizhou Province in 2020. Based on the server’s high-performance computing, high reliability, high energy efficiency and open ecological advantages, it uses digital and information systems to make The college entrance examination marking work is completed more efficiently and accurately.

  It is understood that the Xiangjiang Kunpeng server has been deployed in the college entrance examination evaluation papers of the Guizhou Provincial Examinations Institute and the Chongqing Education Commission examination system, achieving scale breakthroughs in the fields of transportation and education.

  In Wangcheng District, Changsha, Beiming Software and Xiangjiang Kunpeng are cooperating to build a smart city based on the full Kunpeng architecture, testing the waters to build a development model driven by big data, intelligent operation, multi-agent collaboration, and endogenous governance.

"Kunpeng's computing power, coupled with Beiming Software's industry solutions, we have a vast space for the development of the digital industry." Ying Huajiang, President of Beiming Software, introduced.

  The Kirin Xinan operating system and cloud desktop system have been successfully migrated to the Xiangjiang Kunpeng server, and deep performance optimization has been done. It has been verified by applications in multiple projects in many fields and has been highly recognized by users.

"As an important participant in the ecological construction of Hunan Kunpeng computing industry, Kirin Xin'an is working with Xiangjiang Kunpeng and Beiming Software to jointly promote platform software and hardware adaptation, industrial chain convergence and other tasks." Yang Tao, Chairman of Hunan Kirin Xin'an Technology Co., Ltd. Said.

  In the exhibition hall of Kunpeng Ecological Innovation Center in Hunan Province, application scenarios in the fields of smart education, smart healthcare, smart transportation, and smart finance attract people to stop.

It is understood that as an open platform, the Eco-Innovation Center can help developers understand, learn, and develop applications based on Kunpeng, and support ecological partners to gradually realize industrialization.

  Based on Kunpeng’s computing power, Kechuang Information has created a large-scale application migration solution; Topway Information not only deeply participated in the whole process of Hunan Kunpeng’s computing industry “entering into Hunan and establishing Hunan”, and 4-5 products were transplanted to obtain Huawei technology certification.

On the whole, Kunpeng's computing industry and Changsha's "three wisdom and one core" characteristic industries are deeply integrated, forming an influential and characteristic complete industrial ecological chain.

  Our reporter Liu Shuwen