Explosions in Beirut: protesters demand transparent legal action

Protesters demand a new political system guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary so that an investigation into the August 4 explosion can be carried out in a transparent manner.

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It was four months ago in Beirut: an explosion in the port of the Lebanese capital destroyed a large part of the city, killing 200 and injuring more than 6,000.

The third largest non-nuclear explosion in history, caused by a stockpile of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored without any precautions in hangars.

In a country already hit by a violent economic crisis and a protest movement against political elites, accused of corruption, the disaster, probably due to the negligence of many officials, has ignited the powder.

Four months later, while the investigation is slipping, the streets are demanding accounts.


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With our correspondent in Beirut


Noé Pignède

A few hundred revolutionary militants, flags in hand, march in the direction of the port of Beirut.

Antoine is one of them.

He accuses the Lebanese justice, in charge of the investigation into the explosion of the port, of being at the orders of political power.


We put pressure on the judge.

He's already interviewed a lot of ministers, but what can he do?

He has no power, because in Lebanon judges are appointed by politicians.

So they have no independence.

We are afraid that they will want to hide the truth from us.

This is our main concern.


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Guarantee the independence of the judiciary 

A little further on, Laura asks that the Lebanese politicians, whom she considers guilty of the explosion of the port, be condemned by a court: “ 

We already know the truth, and we want it to be told!

But they don't even have the courage to do it.

Why did we have such dangerous products, in the port, in the middle of the city?

Why have they ruined so many lives?

Winter is here and thousands of people no longer have a home!

This is unacceptable.

Why would you do this to your own people? 


For Laura, the government is totally corrupt and that is why we must continue to protest until he leaves: “ 

We are in Lebanon!

This is our country, not theirs! 


All the demonstrators here are calling for a new political system guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary, the only solution they believe is for an investigation into the August 4 explosion to be carried out transparently.

Demonstration in die Richtung vom Hafen von #Beirut, um weiter Gerechtigkeit für die Opfer der schweren Explosion zu fordern. # Libanon #Liban #Beyrouth #Lebanon #LebanonProtests #BeirutProtest #BeirutBlast pic.twitter.com/EvEQZWrLG

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