The European Union wants 30 million electric cars to drive on European roads in ten years' time.

This is stated in a document that the EU is expected to officially release next week.

Brussels also wants twice as much use of high-speed trains in ten years' time as now.

The EU has the goal of being completely climate neutral by 2050.

Transport is currently responsible for a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

To change that, the EU plans to promote the sale of electric passenger cars.

At the end of 2019, 1.8 million electric cars were driving across the EU.

This concerns both fully electric and hybrid vehicles.

There must be at least 30 million by 2030.

In addition, these cars must all be fully electric.

Hybrids don't count.

The plans have not yet been officially announced.

That is expected to happen next week.

There is a chance that the content of the proposals will change in the meantime.

The document also states that there should be more places where e-cars can charge their batteries.

By 2030, there should be three million public charging points across the EU.

There are now only 200,000.

Brussels also wants there to be a thousand places where cars can refuel with hydrogen in ten years' time.

Hydrogen is another clean energy source for cars.

Plans have also been formulated for other forms of transport.

For example, the number of users of the train must increase significantly.

The EU also wants aircraft and ships to be able to fly and sail emissions-free by 2035.