Subject to the closure of ski lifts, the winter sports resort sector found itself in an unprecedented crisis a few weeks before the end of the year celebrations.

How to cope?

For Dominique Marcel, CEO of Compagnie des Alpes, the main challenge is to attract a young clientele, without increasing the cost of the stay.


Spared last winter by the coronavirus crisis, which occurred in March, the mountain sector is suffering this fall from the devastating consequences of the second wave of the epidemic.

If the stations will be open, the ski lifts will remain closed and the government does not intend to reverse its decision, despite numerous local mobilizations.

In this context, the survival of the players in the sector is at stake. But, according to Dominique Marcel, managing director of Compagnie des Alpes, there is "no reason" to increase the prices of ski passes this year.

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"Very weak evolution" of packages

"There is no reason to significantly increase the packages this year," insists the manager, according to whom these packages "follow an extremely moderate or even very low" price evolution.

The ski passes represent around 15 to 16% of the overall cost of a mountain holiday.

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No reason either to increase the price of accommodation to make up for it, according to Dominique Marcel: "I would even say a little on the contrary", suggests the one who heads "the first network of real estate agencies in the Alps".


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"Restyled inns"

On the contrary, therefore, the time has come for the “democratization” of the mountain.

"We democratize skiing by offering accommodation at reasonable prices", defends the leader.

"We are all trying to do this collectively. There is an issue around that: welcoming young people today, who will ski tomorrow. We are working with other operators on solutions, such as youth hostels and little redesigned and renovated. "

Objective claimed: "To be able to welcome young people in pleasant conditions and at reasonable prices, so that they can then continue to ski."