People's Power Rep. Yoon Hee-sook and former Rep. Lee Hye-hoon took out the site of the Parliament Building and the Olympic Highway, respectively.

They are all from the Korea Development Institute (KDI).

Rep. Yoon is steadily being debated as a candidate for the Seoul Mayor's by-election next April, and Lee has already declared a run for the run.

On the radio today (3rd), Rep. Yoon said, "If you decide to send the National Assembly (to Sejong), what will you leave the Capitol for?" "The National Assembly is 100,000 pyeong, and we need a plan to make it a good apartment complex combining parks and apartments. Insisted.

This statement is in line with the passport that is promoting the complete relocation of the National Assembly to Sejong for the purpose of completing the administrative capital.

The power of the people is insisting on the relocation of some of the standing committee meeting halls.

Assemblyman Yoon said that there should be several complexes like Gangnam in Seoul and across the country. "It is to calm the market confusion that future apartment prices will continue to rise to the sky."

Former Congressman Lee Hye-hoon said on the radio, "If you create a garden by installing a cover on top of the Olympic Street, there is no need to use the garden site in the reconstruction complex along the banks of the Han River," and "You can make an apartment for young couples on that site." I did.

He added that if a long-term installment payment is made, he will do the equity-equipped pre-sale, which allows him to own a house.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-in, chairman of the emergency countermeasures committee, said, "It is not a simple matter to move the National Assembly to Sejong City," when asked what he thinks of Congressman Yoon's claim today. "No," he dismissed.

(Photo = Yonhap News)