"Beijing Daxing International Airport Airport Economic Zone (Beijing Part) Controlled Detailed Planning (Block Level)" (referred to as "Control Regulations") has been approved.

According to reports, the airport area will be constructed in phases.

Drawing on the experience of Hebei Xiong’an New District, the airport area further delineates a 20.8 square kilometer starting area and an 8.4 square kilometer starting area, and determines various planning indicators in the starting area to accelerate the promotion of key projects such as the International Convention and Exhibition Center and the International Aviation Community Implemented recently.

  On December 3, Wang Youguo, the mayor of Beijing’s Daxing District and director of the Management Committee of Beijing Daxing International Airport’s Airport Economic Zone (Daxing), introduced at the press conference that the control regulations elaborated on “implementing strategic positioning, building a clustered development pattern, and building vitality "Impress and communicate with cities, build resilient and accessible cities, and achieve high-quality regional development".

  The control regulations clarify that the planning area of ​​the airport economic zone is about 50 square kilometers in the Beijing part, and at the same time, the Beijing part of the overall control area of ​​the airport economic zone is included in the research scope.

Reserve necessary space resources for major national and municipal projects, major technological changes in the future, etc., and delineate about 15 square kilometers of strategic blank land.

  Wu Shicheng, deputy director of the Daxing Branch of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, said that in the next three to five years, free trade zones and service industries will be used to expand the opening-up policy, implement the "five new" tasks and digital trade policies, and focus on the land level of the starting area. It is planned to invest about 100 billion yuan in development, infrastructure, and key projects.

  (Reporter Du Yan)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]