In an interview with NHK, NTT DoCoMo's president, Motoyuki Ii, emphasized the idea of ​​aiming for a convincing price, including users with low data usage, regarding the price reduction that will be announced later this month. did.

NTT DoCoMo announced a new rate plan of 2980 yen per month, which is cheaper than other major companies, at 20 gigabytes on the 3rd, and announced a policy to reduce the current rate plan, and will clarify the details later this month. I will.

Regarding this price cut, President Ii said in an interview with NHK, "We will put in a convincing way of charging by asking you to pay for what you use. Especially low capacity, many users less than 3 giga Therefore, I would like to review it with a focus on continuing to provide more attractive services and fees, "he emphasized the idea of ​​aiming for a convincing fee, including users who use less data.

Under the Suga administration, DoCoMo is the first to show a stance of reducing the price plan of the main unit while the government is demanding price reductions from major mobile phone companies, and the focus will be on whether it will lead to full-scale price competition. I will.