As a souvenir from Hokkaido, a confectionery maker that manufactures "Shiroi Koibito," which is popular among domestic and foreign travelers, has begun full-scale online shopping in China with the aim of recovering sales that have been sluggish due to the effects of the new coronavirus. It was.

Ishiya Co., Ltd., a confectionery maker in Sapporo, suffered from sluggish sales of its main product, Shiroi Koibito, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

In February, production was temporarily discontinued, and even this year, sales by November were less than half that of the same period last year, and the market remains sluggish.

For this reason, manufacturers have embarked on a full-scale online shopping to China, which was particularly popular with inbound travelers.

The two leading local mail-order sites started handling in November, and this year we would like to increase the sales volume in China to 60,000 cases, which is more than 50 times that of last year.

As the number of travelers to Hokkaido continues to be sluggish, as manufacturers have excluded travel to Sapporo from being eligible for "Go To Travel" due to the spread of infection, online shopping will continue in Taiwan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries. We are planning to expand sales by.