Chinanews, Lanzhou, December 3 (Reporter Cui Lin) In early December, the Industrial R&D Center established by Northwest University for Nationalities and Gansu Yilan Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. released the "Lanzhou Beef Noodle Big Data Report (1.0)".

The report revealed that Lanzhou currently has 1,691 beef noodle shops that are operating normally, and the density of shops is much higher than other restaurants.

  It is estimated that there are 705 roads in the local area.

Among them, there are beef noodle shops on 453 roads, accounting for more than 60%, and the density of shops in the main urban area is the highest, reaching more than 3 per square kilometer.

The report data also shows that people walking in any direction on the street will most likely find a beef noodle restaurant within ten minutes.

  "It is said that the people in Lanzhou start their day with beef noodles, and they have not waited for the opening of the beef noodle restaurant in the early morning. It is not enough to talk about life if they have not eaten the first pot noodles." The report verified the above statement, 9% The Lanzhou Beef Noodle Restaurant is open 24 hours a day, and the opening hours are very early. The noodle restaurants that open from 5 am to 6:30 every day account for 68%, and those open from 7 am to 8:30 account for 15%.

On December 1, 2020 China Pasta Expo opened in Lanzhou.

The picture shows the Lanzhou beef noodles, Japanese ramen, Italian noodles and Malaysian pasta on the same stage.

Photo by Cui Lin

  Lanzhou Beef Noodles, which was founded in 1915, is world-renowned for its unique style of "the soup is clear, the meat is fragrant, and the noodles are long", and it is known as "the first side of China".

According to official statistics, currently Lanzhou beef noodles not only spread across cities in mainland China, there are more than 100 “Lanzhou Beef Ramen” restaurants going global, distributed in more than 40 countries and regions including Russia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, the United States, and Brazil.

  Bai Rixia, vice president of Northwest University for Nationalities, said that the relevant data released this time is the first substantive achievement of "Northwest University for Nationalities · Yilan Big Data Industry R&D Center". It is important for the Lanzhou beef noodle industry in Lanzhou and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, For the development of the four super first-tier cities in Shenzhen, relevant data have been collected using information technology, and industry data reports have been compiled.

  The report is to strengthen cooperation between universities and local governments, enterprises, and scientific research institutes, to accelerate the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements in the field of big data and artificial intelligence in key industries and regions, and to promote the innovation and development of service areas, the economic transformation and upgrading of service areas, and service guarantee People's livelihood is of great significance.

  At present, there are 1083 beef noodle brands in Lanzhou, including 242 chain brands (with at least 2 stores), 850 stores, and the average number of brand stores is 3.5; there are 841 non-chain brand stores.

According to the brand chain data, Chen* Beef Noodles, which has the most stores, accounts for only about 2% of the total number of beef noodle stores in the city, followed by Ma**, Tongue**, 唏**, Sha *Wait for beef noodle brands.

  The report also introduced that in the super first-tier cities, the average price of beef noodles is 24 yuan per bowl, of which the average price in Beijing is higher than this, and the consumption level of beef noodles in the capital is the highest; the scoring of Lanzhou beef noodles by netizens on various platforms Look, based on the full score of 5, the average score is 3.7 points. The evaluation of beef noodles in super first-tier cities is in a higher position; in addition, in super first-tier cities, more than half of the shops are between 8 am and 10:30 am The opening hours are followed by the time period from 6:30 to 8:30. Even if you are in a first-tier city, you have the opportunity to eat a bowl of steaming beef noodles in the morning.

  Liu Dongchang, general manager of Gansu Yilan Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., said frankly that this time everyone knows Lanzhou beef noodles, but no one knows the industry clearly, use big data technology to make it clear and understand, and provide government decision-making and industry development. Supported by first-hand data, it is far from enough to study Lanzhou and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The next step is to take Lanzhou, Gansu Province, the whole country and countries along the “Belt and Road” as 4 specific research areas, and carry out targeted research in groups. Special research.