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Business Index ... Dubai Economy to add 3 new activities during October

New activities include a number of dynamic and specialized sectors in Dubai.

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The commercial registration and licensing sector in the Dubai Economy announced the addition of three new activities to be added to a number of vital sectors during the month of October 2020, bringing the total number of commercial activities to more than 2,200 commercial activities.

This step comes within the framework of Dubai's economic strategy aimed at facilitating business for commercial license holders, and working to provide for their activities and market needs, which would contribute to the realization of their development projects.

The new activities are diversified to include a number of vital and specialized sectors in the Emirate of Dubai, including: the activity of printing the Holy Qur’an and Islamic publications, and includes establishments that print the Holy Qur’an and Islamic publications using various printing methods and techniques, the activity of yacht repair and maintenance services, and includes repair operations of all types of yachts, Including rebuilding and renewing them, as well as comprehensive maintenance such as re-installation of engines, replacing them or changing parts of them with new parts, as well as re-painting them.

The list also included the activity of renting robots and smart devices, and it includes the rental of robots devices, equipment and robots, which use artificial intelligence techniques, in order to behave and operate in a way that the human mind itself does, and to perform some tasks instead of the human element, such as some dangerous tasks and the industrial and precise and arduous tasks As well as smart devices that use the same technologies to carry out any kind of task.

The addition of the new activities comes within the framework of studying the current market situation, and surveying the opinions and suggestions of businessmen who have licenses, as well as those wishing to start doing business in the Emirate of Dubai, to know their needs and meet the requirements of the local market, which is witnessing continuous changes and developments.

The Dubai Economic Department had launched the Economic Activities Directory, which clarifies the mechanism of conducting business and commercial activities in the Emirate of Dubai, as the guide constitutes a unified reference for economic classifications, and contributes effectively to clarifying the various economic activities in the emirate.

Directory of economic activities

The economic activities guide contains all the information and explanations about licenses, the registration mechanism, and the establishment of companies in various commercial activities, and legal forms, in addition to some licensing procedures, such as moving the site, changing the manager and freezing the license.

The most important feature of the guide is that it answers hundreds of questions of concern to companies, especially those planning their presence in Dubai.

Dubai's economic strategy focuses on facilitating licensing procedures and developing services, to enhance the growth of the private sector, by overcoming challenges for new businessmen.

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