It carried 166 passengers

"Dubai International" receives the first commercial Israeli flight on board "Israel Air"

The inaugural Israel Air flight is coming from Tel Aviv.

From the source

Dubai International Airport received, yesterday afternoon (Tuesday), the inaugural Israel Air flight from Tel Aviv, to be the first commercial flight to land on the airport grounds for the first Israeli airline to operate commercial flights to Dubai. Following the start of relations between the UAE and Israel with the signing of the peace agreement between the two sides in mid-September, and the subsequent start of economic, trade and tourism relations between the two parties.

A statement issued yesterday stated that flight number "6H 663" for the airline "Israel", which left Tel Aviv at 10 am the day before yesterday, local time there, arrived at Dubai International Airport at five and 10 minutes after Tuesday afternoon UAE time, Carrying 166 passengers.

14 weekly flights

"Eserair" revealed its intention to operate up to 14 weekly flights between the two destinations using the "giant Airbus" aircraft of the "A320" model, at a time when the start of the new service coincides with the beginning of the holiday season during which Dubai International Airport usually witnesses a significant increase in the number of passengers. Those who pass through the airport, whether coming to Dubai for their year-end holidays, or those transiting from them, on their way to other destinations around the world.

Israir flights will enhance the Dubai International Airport network, by linking two major commercial and tourist destinations in the region, providing more options and convenience for travelers, and expanding trade and logistical services opportunities between the UAE and Israel.

The largest airports in the world

Dubai International Airport is of great importance, as it is a focal point for global travel and aviation movement from its central location in the heart of the world, and its great ability to receive a large number of flights at the same time, as the airport has maintained its ranking among the largest airports in the world in terms of the number of international travelers, For the sixth year in a row, the annual traffic through it for the year 2019 reached 86.4 million passengers, moving away from its closest competitor, London Heathrow Airport, by more than six million passengers.

The company intends to operate 14 weekly flights to connect the two destinations using the giant Airbus A380 aircraft.

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