Increase the cost of APP violations

  While new technologies continue to spawn new products, new models, and new business formats, some APPs infringing on user rights and interests have also emerged. Therefore, rectifying illegal apps has become a top priority.

To this end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently stated that it will step up its efforts and continue to carry out special rectification actions for six months from the beginning of 2021, and severely deal with companies and apps that have failed orders, incomplete rectification, recurring problems, and engage in technological confrontation.

  In fact, some APP and other network products illegally collect and use user information and other problems have been around for a long time, and relevant state departments have also made efforts to rectify many times.

However, some problems have not been completely resolved.

For example, after some platforms are required to rectify the problem of collecting personal information in violation of regulations, the same problem still exists in sampling again.

  The use of new technologies and new products is ultimately to serve users. In order to reflect social significance and value, possible negative effects should be avoided in the process of use, and they should not be allowed to grow or help their growth, disregarding user rights .

Otherwise, such an APP is destined to not survive in the market for a long time.

  Some platforms repeatedly "take risks" again and again. An important reason is the low cost of illegality.

In this process, in addition to dealing with supervision, in fact, there is no need to bear too much responsibility to users.

The purpose of supervision is to better serve users, better reflect the importance of users, and reflect the value orientation of maintaining users.

Obviously, for some APP platforms, in the face of gray profits, it is still somewhat difficult for these platforms to take the initiative to assume social responsibilities and actively protect the rights and interests of users.

If the rectification and supervision are not strong enough, then the rectification will only be a "superficial article" for supervision and public opinion, but the rights and interests of users will still be damaged in the process of use.

  The APP rectification requires some real effort. The first is to increase the cost of violations of laws and regulations. Although new technology and new products will have a process of constantly exposing problems during the process of putting them into use, in the face of obvious known vulnerabilities, if a lot of "sticks" are still ineffective, we should put more effort into it. Pain it, let it truly respect the user, not dare to play "fancy", so that it will find ways to plug loopholes from its own perspective and set regulations to avoid negative effects. This puts forward higher requirements for supervision. Work should be done in detail, regular inspections should be strengthened, and the effectiveness of supervision should be tested from the perspective of users. Second, we must strengthen the protection of user rights. For users who are associated with the APP platform, a single user is a "vulnerable group". When rights are violated, there is a practical problem of "difficulty in safeguarding rights", especially in obtaining evidence. Therefore, the regulatory authority should strengthen the supervision of the APP platform and urge it to provide appropriate compensation for the loss of user rights.