The FNV trade union no longer sees any point in discussions with employers in the supermarket sector about a new collective labor agreement.

Earlier, the CNV already called it quits.

FNV now wants to take action in one way or another to reinforce the requirements.

In this case, a strike is not a weapon, says negotiator Mari Martens on Tuesday.

The employers in the supermarket sector announced earlier that they want to get rid of the supplements on Sundays and public holidays.

They think that is outdated.

The unions want to keep the allowances and 5 percent more wages.

"In this case, striking is not a weapon", says Martens.

"It concerns nearly 300,000 employees and we only have 14,000 members."

He is more likely to think of a petition or another way of campaigning on the shop floor.

The FNV director does not want to talk further.

"With the current proposals from the employers, the employees will lose out instead of forwards. This while the supermarkets generate an average of 16 percent more turnover. They can afford it."

The Vakcentrum sits at the table on behalf of the employers.

The advocate did not immediately respond to the cancellation of the talks.