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Monitor the surroundings of your car in real time by simply glancing at your smartphone.

This is the new promise of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, according to the specialized media Electrek, relayed by



An innovation that could be available in the coming weeks.

Concretely, the company of the prolific Elon Musk would work on an improvement of the “Sentinel” mode of its vehicles.

This function now allows Tesla owners to retrieve the images recorded by the cameras used for the Autopilot.

Cameras that automatically activate when they detect movement around a stationary vehicle.

The system would have been proven on several occasions and made it possible in particular to help the police to identify vandals, report our colleagues.

Man evolves but not always: spending his time observing what is happening around his car ... Tesla owners are going to be able to remotely view what their Autopilot cameras can see - Electrekhttps: //t.co/JgXA56yHMQ

- Jc (@jean_hutin) November 29, 2020

The promise to never take your eyes off your car

If the camera recordings can also be used by insurance companies, the procedure to recover them is rather laborious.

But that problem would be fixed soon with an upcoming big software update.

Better, believes the hacker answering the pseudonym “Green”, it will soon be possible to monitor his electric car at any time via his mobile phone, even if no suspicious movement is detected.

The “Sentinel” mode would allow drivers to never take their eyes off their car.


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