China News Service, Beijing, December 1 (Reporter Wei Xi) The issuance ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins (Group 1) was held on December 1 at the Beijing National Swimming Center.

  At the issuance ceremony, Luo Rui, director of the Currency and Finance Bureau of the People's Bank of China, read the issuance announcement.

There are 9 commemorative coins in this set, including 3 gold commemorative coins, 5 silver commemorative coins, and 1 gold and silver bimetallic commemorative coin, all of which are the legal tender of the People's Republic of China.

  He Jianghai, Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that the issuance of commemorative coins for the Winter Olympics, as an important part of the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, will better spread the Olympic spirit and fully demonstrate the mutual brilliance of the Olympic culture and the excellent traditional Chinese culture. Promote exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese civilization and civilizations of other countries in the world.

  This set of commemorative coins has fully implemented the Olympic concept of "green, shared, open, and clean" from project establishment to issuance, and achieved innovative breakthroughs in specifications, design, production, packaging, promotion and sales.

For example, the introduction of bimetallic specifications in sports-themed commemorative coins for the first time; the use of the "light-to-scale color" process for the first time to make the surface of the commemorative coins present multi-level light and shadow effects under different light conditions; uphold the concept of green sustainability, and the packaging is fully degradable Materials, etc.

  The 24th Winter Olympic Games gold and silver commemorative coins (group 1) are issued by the People's Bank of China and distributed by the China Gold Coin Corporation.