Hairdressers and their customers must also believe in it from Tuesday;

the obligation to wear a face mask.

There are some exceptions, for example, the cap may be taken off when it comes to shaving the face, updating the beard or mustache and when the paint is setting.

That is what the spokesman for hairdressing industry organization ANKO says to

"When washing and coloring, the mouth mask must remain on, but if the paint is absorbing and a distance of one and a half meters can be kept, then it may be taken off for a while," said the spokesperson for the hairdressers.

According to ANKO, not everyone is happy with the duty to mask.

“But we just have to deal with it.

Look at Belgium, the hairdressers are closed there, so we are happy that we can remain open with measures. ”

There is, however, a call from the hairdressers that they should be allowed to wear so-called face shields instead of masks.

"There is no permission for that yet, so the non-medical mouth mask must now."

In the run-up to December 1, ANKO has drawn up new protocols and has had posters made for the supporters.

"We have pulled out all the stops and again, we are happy that we can stay open."

During the first corona wave, the hairdressers had to close at the end of March.

That closure lasted until mid-May.