This year it was on Black Friday and the day after it was busier in the Rotterdam and Eindhoven inner cities than on the same days last year, when there were no corona measures yet.

According to research firm RMC, which monitors the busyness in the shopping streets throughout the year based on WiFi signals from mobile phones, Monday.

The counts show that last Friday (Black Friday) and Saturday there were almost a fifth more people walking around the busiest places in Rotterdam and Eindhoven than on the same days last year.

The agency counted the number of passers-by between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

RMC director Huib Lubbers is surprised by the numbers.

"We certainly did not expect it to be busier than last year," said Lubbers.

"In any case, the perception is now that it is busier, but now it was actually the same."

In Amsterdam, The Hague and Maastricht it was much quieter than last year.

There were 37 percent, 43 percent and 35 percent fewer passers-by, respectively, than at the same times last year.

In Groningen there were about a tenth fewer people on the move than on Black Friday last year.

For the whole of the Netherlands it was about a third fewer people.

The crowds as measured by RMC in Eindhoven and Rotterdam had not yet been shown this year.