In response to the fact that "Xinxuan's instant bird's nest with goods was questioned by the fake Wang Hai as sugar water, the composition of the bird's nest was only 0.014%", on November 27, the "Xinxuan official Weibo" certified as Guangzhou Hexiang Trading Co., Ltd. forwarded Xin Select the founder Xin Youzhi's "A Letter from Xin Youzhi to the Netizens" published on Weibo to respond again.

The aforementioned content stated that after testing, this "Mingzhi" brand bird's nest product was indeed exaggerated when it was promoted in the live broadcast room, and the bird's nest ingredient was less than 2 grams per bowl.

Xin Xuan now proposes an advance compensation plan, "recall all Mingzhi brand bird's nest products sold in Xin Xuan's live broadcast room, and bear the responsibility of returning one compensation and three compensations."

In addition, Xin Xuan will pursue the responsibility of the brand in accordance with the contract and legal provisions.

  The aforementioned "A Letter from Xin Youzhi to Netizens" mentioned that this "Mingzhi" brand bird's nest product is actually a bird's nest flavored drink and should not be promoted as a bird's nest product.

In this incident, the Xinxuan team did not have enough professional knowledge in the bird's nest industry in terms of product selection and quality inspection, and failed to identify the product information provided by the brand with exaggerated promotional content, omissions, and Xin Youzhi's impulsive response. Triggered a storm of public opinion and once again sincerely apologize to consumers and all sectors of society.

"A letter from Xin Youzhi to the majority of netizens."

  The Paper previously reported that on November 19, anti-counterfeiting activist Wang Hai posted on Weibo that the Mingzhi brand instant bird's nest promoted by Xinxuan anchor does not contain protein and amino acids, and the bird's nest ingredient contains low sialic acid.

The test report attached to the Weibo showed that the sialic acid test result of the sample named "Mingzhi Bowl Flavored Instant Bird's Nest" was 0.014g/100g.

The Paper noted that the sialic acid test results of the test report were significantly lower than the "Instant Bird's Nest Sialic Acid Content ≥0.5mg/g() in the "Chinese Pharmaceutical Culture Research Association Instant Bird's Nest Group Standard" issued in March 2018. That is, 0.05g/100g)” indicator.

  On November 20, "Xinxuan Official Weibo" issued a statement stating that in the quality inspection report provided by Wang Hai, in addition to the sugar that the rock sugar bird's nest product should contain, it also contains sialic acid, a bird's nest ingredient.

Xin Xuan's anchor "Shi Da Mei" promoted the product in his live broadcast room and sold it at the "Ming Zhi" Tmall flagship store. The live broadcast price is 258 yuan for 15 bowls, and each bowl is 17.2 yuan.

The company conducts live broadcast promotion in accordance with the product information provided by Rongyu, and does not involve any purchase and sales activities.

The company has sent products for inspection and will announce the results.

If consumers have any dissatisfaction with this product, they can apply for a return and refund to the "Ming Zhi" Tmall flagship store.

  The Paper Journalist Lin Juoyao