Friday, November 27, 2020 - 02:09

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    Treasury cuts extra pay by surprise to 75,000 pensioners

  • Pensions

    What part of the pension is protected against liens from the Treasury and what will happen to the December pay?

"It was indeed a surprise because the letter reached him at the same time that the pension was paid with the cut".

The father of Vicente B, as well as the approximately 74,999 remaining pensioners whose pension was cut by Social Security at the request of the strictest criterion in the embargoes decreed by the Treasury, the reduction was applied without having been notified in advance.

And in his case, also like many other pensioners, it was not a lower figure since he

went from suffering

go a cut of 61 euros in each pension to add a total of almost 400 euros adding the ordinary subscription and the extra pay.

This lack of prior information is consistent with the fact that the Ministry of Social Security itself confirms that the notifications are still being made, that is, that some affected may not even have received the official notification.

The first news about the new application of the embargoes came with the first income in mind that began yesterday.

Christmas bonus will be charged promptly

between the first and fourth business days after November 30

, that is, between Tuesday and Friday of next week.

But nevertheless,

there are financial entities that advance the payment on the payroll to their clients almost a week

, until the 25th. Last Wednesday, Social Security assured that the 75,000 pensioners affected by the diligence of Taxes on embargoes were being informed by letter that their payroll was subject to withholdings other than the usual ones, although it is likely that the advance of payments of some entities has arrived before the official explanation about the amount paid.

The payment made by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) on these dates is

twice the ordinary benefit

, since the extraordinary payments are identical to the monthly payments received the rest of the year as a retirement pension.

The average pension in Spain at the moment is 812 euros per month, taking as a sample all types of benefits in force, although there are large variations depending on age and benefit.

In retirement the average is, for example, 889 euros.

The fact is that

If the monthly pension received is 900 euros, at Christmas a total of 1,800 euros will be received

The reason why the figure that has been cut has risen so significantly is because in the case of a payroll affected by embargoes, until now, the Treasury applied a criterion by which the ordinary and extraordinary pay were not added. , that is, they were taken as two independent fertilizers.


in both, the first 950 euros, which is what the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) amounts to, were protected

and only the cut was applied from that figure.

Specifically, it is 30% for the first additional amount up to twice the SMI, 50% up to the amount equivalent to a third SMI and 60% up to the amount equivalent to a fourth SMI.

However, with this criterion that the Treasury knew since 2018 but has not begun to apply until now, what is done

in the extraordinary payments is to add both subscriptions


That is, to pensioners who have a benefit of 1,000 euros, an embargo was only applied to 50 euros, ranging from 950 to those 1,000 euros.

And exactly the same in the extra payments.

But now, the Treasury understands, after "various tax inquiries since 2016 and at the request of the General Directorate of Social Security Management", that what must be done both in November and in summer is to add the two payments that pensioners receive that month.

Thus, the total amount on which the embargo is applied is 2,000 euros and, consequently,

the amount seized grows considerably, always starting from the proportional criteria mentioned above.

In addition, the criterion is being applied not only in case there are embargoes with the Tax Agency but also

It has been extended to those that pensioners can have with banks


This is the case, for example, of the father of Vicente B., who also denounces that with this measure what the Treasury intends is to want to collect the embargoes earlier without taking into account that, doing it just before Christmas, it will prevent many pensioners from carrying out the expenses they had planned and that the VAT collection suffers.

And perhaps this may be exaggerated, but the truth is that the cuts mean that these pensioners have up to 30 million less in their pockets to spend at this time.

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