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Corona 19 is prolonged and cafes will not be able to receive shoppers for the time being, Starbucks, the number one coffee shop in Korea, has also decided to start a delivery service.

Since the first day, there have been many orders, but the local cafes are worried.

This is Kim Hye-min.

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delivery rider loads the coffee laid down by the staff into the bag.

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yesterday (27th), Starbucks opened a dedicated delivery store in Gangnam, Seoul and started a beverage delivery service.

There is no place for customers to sit in the store, only a space for delivery people to wait or make drinks.

Orders were pouring out from day one, and waiting to access the app also occurred.

Starbucks has jumped into delivery service to prepare for the prolonged corona.

It is known that each time the second phase of distance-taking, where only packaging or delivery is possible, and in-store eating is prohibited, sales decreased significantly.

The related coffee shop industry is tense as Starbucks, which has a large market dominance, enters the delivery market.

Major coffee shops in Korea have been offering delivery services since several years ago, and their sales have recently increased, but threats are expected as the No. 1 company enters the delivery market.

The small cafes in the neighborhood are more worried.

[Hyunja Jeong/President of the neighborhood cafe: Because of the corona, small business owners who operate small shops like us are in a difficult situation, but if a company with strong brand power itself comes into delivery, it will have a lot of impact, so I am concerned...


As the delivery market is getting bigger due to the prolonged corona, this demand cannot be avoided, so the distribution industry is striving to provide delivery services regardless of industry type and size.