Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client, Nov. 26, Wednesday, US Eastern Time, the three major U.S. stock indexes closed up and down. The Dow and S&P 500 both closed down. The Nasdaq once rose to nearly 12,115 in intraday trading, a record high. The market dropped somewhat, but still set a record close.

Most U.S. energy stocks fell, most large technology stocks closed up, and new energy auto stocks were mixed.

  Time-sharing chart of the three major US stock indexes.

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  As of the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Index fell 173.77 points, or 0.58%, to 29872.47 points; the Nasdaq index rose 57.61 points, or 0.48%, to 12094.40 points; the S&P 500 index fell 5.76 points, or 0.16%, to 3,629.65 points .

  Most of the major technology stocks in US stocks closed up. Apple rose 0.75%, Amazon rose 2.15%, Netflix rose 0.44%, Google rose 0.01%, Facebook fell 0.48%, and Microsoft closed flat.

  U.S. bank stocks fell more and less, JP Morgan Chase fell 1.04%, Goldman Sachs fell 0.33%, Citigroup closed flat, Morgan Stanley fell 0.17%, Bank of America rose 0.17%, and Wells Fargo fell 0.07%.

  Most of the anti-epidemic concept stocks in the US stocks closed up. Moderna rose 10.78%, Gilead Sciences fell 1.24%, Novavax Pharmaceuticals rose 7.63%, and BioNTech rose 3.03%.

  US energy stocks fell across the board, Exxon Mobil fell 2.86%, Chevron fell 3.63%, ConocoPhillips fell 1.73%, Schlumberger fell 0.58%, and Occidental Petroleum fell 0.3%.

  Chinese concept stocks were up and down mixed. Alibaba fell 0.82%, JD fell 1.77%, Baidu rose 1.22%; Tuniu rose 24.30%, Youxin rose 17.14%, Yunji rose 14.92%, Moxian rose 7.09%, and Weilai rose 0.36 %; Xinyang fell 9.41%, Xiaopeng Motors fell 9.17%, Ruhan fell 6.17%, Ideal Motors fell 7.37%, Weibo fell 1.87%.

  In terms of European stocks, the three major European stock indexes were mixed. The UK FTSE 100 Index reported 6391.09 points, down 41.08 points, or 0.64%; France CAC40 Index reported 5571.29 points, up 12.87 points, or 0.23%; Germany DAX Index reported 13289.80 Points, down 2.64 points, a decrease of 0.02%.

  International oil prices rose. WTI January crude oil futures closed up 0.80 US dollars, or 1.78%, to 45.71 US dollars per barrel.

  International gold prices rose slightly. COMEX December gold futures prices rose 0.9 US dollars to close at 1805.5 US dollars per ounce, an increase of 0.05%.

  The U.S. dollar index fell. As of the end of New York trading, the U.S. dollar index, which measures the U.S. dollar against six major currencies, fell 0.25% to 91.9985.

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