China News Service, Wuhan, November 25 (Zhang Qin, Zhang Xiang) A reporter learned from Hubei Airport Group Aviation Logistics Co., Ltd. on the 25th that as of November 23, the total volume of cross-border e-commerce imports and exports of the Wuhan Tianhe Airport Express Center hit a historical record New high, breaking 6 million votes for the first time, an increase of 285% year-on-year.

  Cross-border e-commerce has the unique advantages of short links, low cost, and few restrictions. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, traditional foreign trade methods have been impacted, and new business formats such as cross-border e-commerce have grown significantly.

Cargo Transshipment Photo by Liu Wei

  According to statistics, on August 22, Hubei Airport Group Aviation Logistics Co., Ltd. guaranteed exports of cross-border e-commerce cargo reached 1.6 million tickets, exceeding the level of the same period last year for the first time.

Since then, the volume of cross-border e-commerce business has continued to grow. As of November 24, the number of cross-border e-commerce parcels exported at Tianhe Airport reached 6,063,766 tickets, with a value of more than 300 million yuan.

  Under the epidemic, there are many variables in foreign trade orders, and the requirements on time are stricter.

Faced with difficult situations such as the sharp decline in international flights, the widespread suspension of flights around the world, and the increase in international freight rates, Hubei Airport Group Aviation Logistics Co., Ltd. "threaded needles" between industry regulatory authorities and airlines and enterprises to quickly revitalize existing resources of airlines and enterprises , Successively opened up a number of cheap cross-border e-commerce charter flights, and at the same time launched "air-air" "air-ground" combined transport services.

Cargo Inspection Photo by Chen Yiyan

  At present, in the north cargo area of ​​Tianhe Airport, the entire customs clearance process is paperless. The express mail center warehousing and office areas have clear functions, and the "worth ten million" CT inspection system and other high-tech equipment are readily available, integrating consulting, investment, customs, A comprehensive distribution hub integrating warehousing, property, transportation and other services has basically taken shape.

More and more cross-border e-commerce companies from East China, South China and other places choose to deliver goods from Tianhe Airport, and the types of goods are gradually shifting from a single traditional trade goods to diversified, high-value-added optoelectronic information, advanced equipment manufacturing, and new energy vehicles. And electronic digital products, etc.

  "The total import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce has increased significantly. According to this trend, the total number of cross-border e-commerce is expected to exceed 8 million votes this year, quadrupling the total volume of last year." According to the person in charge of Tianhe Airport Express Center, In the next step, Tianhe Airport will continue to “match bridges” between enterprises and international airlines, and strive to achieve the transition from “channel economy” to “landing economy”.