Recently, the iPhone 12 and Huawei Mate40 have been launched successively. These two phones are currently the only two flagship phones in the world with 5nm chips. Their full listing has set off the most eye-catching high-end smartphone market this year. The Battle of the King of Machines".

  However, the competition hasn't started long yet, and the two camps have fallen silent for one reason, that is, out of stock.


Both Huawei and Apple are out of stock.

  Last month, the two major mobile phone giants Apple and Huawei released two major series of products, iPhone 12 and Huawei Mate40, in half a month.

However, before we had time to stand in line, "I can't buy it, my heart is so tired" became the common lament of pollen and fruit powder.

From the beginning, the two sides of the war "tact for tat", and soon turned into "comprehensive sympathy" under "both out of stock".

  On the evening of November 6, pre-orders on the official website of iPhone 12 Pro Max were down for 5 minutes. In less than 20 minutes, all models would have to queue for 3-4 weeks.

  Sun Yanbiao, Dean of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute: The "fire" of the iPhone 12 is actually that the online e-commerce market is relatively hot. The offline channels have actually fallen below the issue price, and some related sources are also circulating in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei In the trading market, these goods are now slowly returning to the e-commerce platform.

  Recently, Apple strictly forbids the online news of the offline iPhone 12 series from rushing to the hot search.

On October 23, Shenzhen Yuanwang Digital Mall confirmed that Apple prohibits them from streaming the iPhone 12 series to online channels, otherwise each will be fined 400,000 yuan. This is the first time in Apple's history.

  Sun Yanbiao, Dean of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute: This actually shows that Apple is helping itself. In the past three years, the price system of the iPhone series has been chaotic, because the online market is hot and there will be such transactions.

This will have a major negative impact on the normal operation of the iPhone's future market.

  In fact, the Huawei Mate40 series is really out of stock.

According to industry insiders, regardless of online or offline, the Huawei Mate40 series models currently on sale are basically in a state of splitting upon arrival.

  Sun Yanbiao, Dean of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute: Huawei Mate40 stocks are nearly 70% less than Huawei Mate30.

  Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business: We are doing everything we can to solve the supply problem. We are stepping up production recently, and we hope you can give us more time to wait patiently.

  Liu Xingliang, member of the Committee of Experts on Information and Communication Economy of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: I think at least in the Chinese market, these are the two most outstanding models of the two high-end mobile phones.

They are not using hunger marketing and deliberate shortage of goods as a marketing tool, because the demand is really great, and the supply chain does not allow too many mobile phones to be produced in a short period of time.


The global mobile phone industry reshuffles Xiaomi as the biggest dark horse

  Under the influence of multiple factors such as the spread of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic and the escalation of trade frictions, the global mobile phone market is also facing a new round of reshuffle.

Soon after Apple just released the iPhone 12, major market research institutions around the world released the rankings of the global smartphone market in the third quarter. The data showed that Samsung regained the championship, and Xiaomi even surpassed Apple to occupy the third place in the global smartphone market. name.

  According to the latest data, in the global smart phone market, the top four manufacturers in the third quarter were ranked Samsung Electronics, Huawei, Xiaomi and Apple.

The smartphone shipments of the four top manufacturers account for approximately 60.6% of the global market.

Among them, Xiaomi is the biggest dark horse in the first echelon, and the only mobile phone manufacturer in the top four that has bucked the trend.

  Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi Technology: According to international practice, you will first brag. If you take a closer look, you will find that if you work hard, it seems that you can become the world's top three. The world's top three is not far away.

  Sun Yanbiao, Dean of the First Mobile Phone Industry Research Institute: In the second quarter of this year, Xiaomi successfully entered the high-end market. This is also the key reason why Xiaomi surpassed Apple to become the third in the world.

On the second level, Xiaomi is the company with the strongest e-commerce gene in China.

Under the epidemic, when overseas e-commerce companies suddenly increased from 20% and 30% in the past to nearly 50%, it was Xiaomi's ability to use its most advantageous 100-meter race to quickly plunder the market.

  In the latest ranking, the former overlord Apple fell out of the top three.

Apple’s fourth-quarter financial report shows that revenue from the iPhone and revenue from the Greater China region have both seen a significant decline.

In order to conceal the dismal performance, Cook did not hesitate to use the method of "drawing big pie" to shout to employees in the recent earnings conference call.

  Apple CEO Cook: I can say that we are confident that we can achieve growth in China this quarter, and I am very optimistic about the situation there.

  However, the reality is always ruthless. Recently, Apple shareholders want to initiate a class action lawsuit against Cook deliberately concealing the news of weak sales in the Chinese market.

  Liu Xingliang, member of the Committee of Experts on Information and Communication Economics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: When Steve Jobs was here, one of Apple’s strategies was to focus only on profit and not market share. From the perspective of high-end market share, I think Apple should be very good.

  It is worth mentioning that the fifth place in the global smartphone market share is vivo, which also comes from China. Its shipments in the third quarter increased by 8.9% year-on-year.

In recent years, domestic mobile phones have grown rapidly in the global market, which has also benefited from the rapid popularity of 5G mobile phones.

According to the latest data, in the first 10 months of 2020, the overall domestic mobile phone market shipments were 252 million units, of which the cumulative domestic market 5G mobile phone shipments were 124 million units, accounting for nearly half (49.4%).

In October, the proportion of 5G mobile phone shipments has risen to 64.1%.

Looking at the world, the 5G war has begun in full swing.

Up to now, the global 5G smartphone shipments accounted for more than 60%. In just one year, the number of global 5G users has exceeded 200 million.