E-Land Group was attacked by ransomware, and about half of offline stores such as NC department stores closed or opened partial sales.

An official of E-Land Group said, "This morning, the company's network system was attacked by ransomware. After recognizing this, we blocked part of the company's network system to minimize damage."

Ransomware is malware that encrypts data on a user's computer and demands money in exchange for decrypting it.

The system blocked by E-Land Group is linked to POS terminals at some stores, causing disruption in the sales of 23 out of 50 stores at NC Department Store and New Core Outlet.

The New Core Outlet Gwangmyeong branch has not opened, but only some stores have started operating.

The Gangseo branch can also use some fashion stores, but the Kims Club, a food store, is not operated.

An official of the E-Land Group said, "Each store has employees giving guidance on business interruptions. We will try to restore business as soon as possible through restoration work."

E-Land Group asked the police to investigate the case.

(Photo = Courtesy of E-Land Retail, Yonhap News)