“AI is on behalf of employees who answer the phone” November 22, 13:15, expanding the use of companies due to labor shortage


Companies are focusing on utilizing AI = artificial intelligence to solve the labor shortage.

There is a growing movement for AI to accept telephone applications and requests on behalf of employees.

Of these, LINE, a major communication app, has introduced AI into a service that provides job information for part-time jobs on the app from 17th this month.

In the past, when there was an application call, an employee of the company that posted the job information was listening to information such as the applicant's name, occupation, date of birth, etc., but AI received such information and told the company. I will.

It is labor-free and can now accept applications 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, Japan Post started using AI from this month at a call center that accepts redelivery of packages.

AI will accept the call from the user who received the out-of-office contact form, listen to the tracking number of the package and the time zone when you want to redeliver it, and proceed with the necessary procedures.

At the company, I feel that the procedure on the Internet is difficult, and I hope that it will lead to a reduction in the waiting time for those who apply by phone.

Norihiro Matsui of the Japan Post Operations Reform Department says, "We have made it possible for AI to be recognized if we speak normally, and in the future we would like to utilize it for accepting pickups."