Togo, the modern and subversive sofa by Ligne Roset, has sold over a million copies in France and around the world.

But where does it come from?

Antoine Roset tells his story in "Marques de Famille", the podcast of Europe 1 Studio in partnership with Harmonie Mutuelle.


In February 1973, at the Salon des Arts Ménagers, Paris discovered a strange sofa designed by the Ligne Roset company.

He has no foot, he is pudgy.

Yet it will seduce the whole world.

But it took a little while before convincing the public.

"When it first appeared, the first remarks were quite harsh," recalls Antoine Roset, the current Marketing Director of Ligne Roset in the Europe 1 Studio "Marques de Famille" podcast in partnership with Harmonie Mutuelle.

"We asked my grandfather, at the head of the Ligne Roset company, if he hadn't forgotten to set foot, if he hadn't even had time…"

Behind this concept, there is a talented man: Michel Ducaroy.

The designer was inspired by a tube of toothpaste folded back on itself to design this amazing sofa that is very complex to produce because the lines are curved and round.

Its production requires a lot of precision and know-how.

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 "Goodbye firecracker, hello cigar"

His proposal did not immediately seduce the public.

We even had to wait several years for the May 68 generation to settle in… It is thanks to this change of times and customs that this modern and subversive sofa will become a myth.

"We had a slogan at the time to sell Togo: it was goodbye firecracker, hello cigar. We came to gentrify the interiors thanks to Togo. But we kept this sixty-eight twist. We were close to the ground", sums up Antoine. Roset. 

Since then, Togo has sold over a million copies, in France and around the world.

And still today, it is Ligne Roset's bestseller!